NOTE: The creation of a "NOW app" URL (ie. /nowapp) is used as your app's homepage within your BLOX site, and will be setup by the time you take ownership of your app. Once this URL is setup it cannot be changed as this URL is critical as part of the feed between BLOX CMS and the app.

You can create sub-URLs. These sub-sections will inherit the "now" skin from the parent BLOX Now URL. 

BLOX Now app URLs

Create sub-URLs for sections like news, sports, business, obituaries, etc. 

The sub-URLs you create in the BLOX admin will become the sections you choose in the BLOX Now app.

NOTE: These do not need to be section tags. The blocks used will be set up with Query rules to pull in content from already existing sections like news, sports, business, etc.


Section icon:

Set an icon to be associated with this URL. This icon will be used as the topic icon on the topics menu.

The icons shown beside the section names under Topics are created by uploading Section icons in Design / Blocks under Page customizations / Navigation. You can also upload a section icon in Settings / URLs. A different icon can be uploaded for each section of your BLOX Now app. 

An icon uploaded to the nowapp URL will not appear anywhere on the app, but, since URL settings inherit to the subsections, that icon would appear on the lower sections unless you upload a new image for that section.

Design/ Blocks admin

In Design / Blocks open the BLOX Now URL in the layout window.


There are three regions built into the now skin, "breaking news," "pinned content," and "asset feed". The same block is used in all three regions so you will need to clone the block (see Cloning an existing block below). 

While the same block is used in all three regions it reacts differently based on the region. See Front end for more information.


Use the "Now: Summary" or "Card: Summary" templates.


Many times, it is faster to duplicate (or "clone") a block and modify it, rather than create one from scratch.  This is especially true when a block has unique Custom Properties and CSS Classes and you merely want to change some Query or Sort rules to display slightly different content.

If a BLOX Now app block exists you can clone and alter it instead of creating a new block.


The type of query rules available depend on the type of blocks you wish to create (Editorial, Business, Calendar, Classifieds, e-Editions, Static).

Set the Query and Sorting rules for the breaking_news and asset_feed blocks. 

The asset_feed block(s) will need to have a Query rule of Section tags include OR exclude, and the appropriate section tags. You can also use other Query rules to filter the content that populates these blocks.


Learn how to force (pin) assets to display in a block, regardless of the query or sorting rules, and set a schedule to unpin them if desired. 

BLOX Now pinned_content slideshow

Set the pinned assets for the pinned_content blocks.

If there is content in the pinned_content block(s), the block will show as a slideshow.

Place the block in the appropriate region

Click Save block layout changes.


Utility regions can be used with BLOX Now.