Push notifications will  allow you to send notifications to your BLOX Now app to drive traffic back to your site.


Community Broadcast Application settings Push notofications

Setting up push is a two-part process. First you must set up Google Firebase Cloud Messaging. For more information see https://console.firebase.google.com/u/0/.

In Firebase under SERVICE ACCOUNTS create a key (JSON file). This file will be imported into the BLOX admin.

In BLOX CMS in Community / Notifier open Application settings. Under Push Notifications click Upload for the Google Service Role Access File.

In Firebase under CLOUD MESSAGING copy the Token (the 2 lines of alphanumeric letters/numbers).

In BLOX CMS in Community / Notifier / Application settingsPush Notifications paste the token in the Google Desktop Notification API Key.

In Firebase under Sender ID copy the number (appx 12 digits).

In BLOX CMS in Community / Notifier / Application settings Push Notifications paste the number in the Messaging Sender ID.

In BLOX CMS in Community / Notifier open Application settings. Under Push Notifications click the (plus) button. Type "all" in both the Topic ID and Label fields.

Click Save.

Refresh the Notifier application (this is currently required because the Firebase Target won't show up when creating a new channel unless you first refresh).


In Application settings / Channels click New.

create - edit channel popup

Give your new channel a Name

Disabled will allow you to disable the channel until you are ready to use it.

In Targets select the Push Notification service you wish to use. This would be the Google Firebase Cloud Messaging service (Push Notification: all in this example).

Click Save.  This will save your changes and close the popup. Cancel will exit the popup without saving your changes.

Badge indicator


The badge on your homescreen will display an icon (on the right) if you have a new push notification. After the push notification has been  accessed the badge will clear (on the left).