With the Vision Data integration, there are two points of integration with the Circulation system.

  • Immediate access for existing users - With all of these integrations there is a check that happens every time the user logs in to determine if that user has an active subscription that will provide access to the content they are attempting to view. If it is determined that the user does have an active account that provides access the user is immediately granted access and is not bothered with any paywall notifications.
  • Links directly into the Purchase workflow of the circulation system - Anywhere that a service or list of services is displayed on a BLOX site, a link is provided into the Circulation system portal to facilitate purchase or account management.

Once the user is on the portal site for the circulation system, various functionally for purchasing a subscription and or user account disambiguation is provided.

Once the user has either found their account or purchased a new subscription, they are directed back to an activation endpoint in the BLOX system so that they can be automatically given the appropriate permissions and immediately directed back to the content the user had initially been viewing when encountering the paywall.

Vision Data Purchase workflow