TownNews uses an automated domain renewal and billing system, both to provide better service and to ensure that domains are not potentially lost.

If you have elected to maintain control of your domain name(s) with another registrar, meaning they are not registered with our OpenSRS reseller account at Tucows, then it is your sole responsibility to renew your domain name(s) when they are due. We will not send any renewal reminders for your domains. It is also your sole responsibility to manage all DNS changes needed. TownNews will assist with DNS changes at third party registrars for a fee of the current prevailing rate for general system administration.

Furthermore, we highly recommend that you log into your registrar account and make sure that all domain contact information is current and valid. This will ensure that your registrar is sending e-mail renewal notices to the correct contact.

Only domains under the control of the TownNews DNS Administrator and/or are registered at our OpenSRS reseller account at Tucows will be automatically renewed by TownNews. Even if we are listed as a contact in your domain WHOIS information, we will only renew domains that we are actually in control of.

If you wish, you are welcome to transfer your domain(s) to us at any time so that we can manage your domain name(s) for you. The cost to do so is $40 per year per domain, which includes the registry fee. Contact TownNews Customer Support or your regional sales representative for assistance.

Note: You can contact TownNews Customer Support by submitting a ticket through your BLOX admin (Support / Ticket for more information please see the Ticket Workspace doc) or by calling 800-293-9576.

Note: If you are not sure who your regional sales rep is you can contact TownNews Customer Support by submitting a ticket through Support / Ticket in your Blox CMS admin or by calling 800-293-9576. For more information see Ticket Workspace (Flex) (Zen).

If your domain is already hosted with our reseller account at Tucows, then there is nothing further you need to do: your domain will be automatically renewed annually at the current rate of $40 per year. This will continue to occur automatically unless you either move the domain to another registrar or you submit  a termination agreement with our Billing Department pursuant to your Service Agreement with us.

To determine where your domain is registered at, go to:

and type in your domain name, and it will give you the current WHOIS information connected to your domain. If you see International Newspaper Network as the owner or registrant AND the registrar listed as Tucows, then you are registered with us. Any other result probably means it is not.

If you only see the DNS Administrator listed as the Technical Contact, and the Registrar is not Tucows, then we do not have control of your domain, nor will we be doing automatic renewals or reminders.