Table of Content

Customer Support

1. Support

TownNews provides support to all customers for customer and technical-related issues regarding the use of all contracted TownNews products and services.

2. Customer Support Contacts

TownNews customer support can be reached Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 pm Central Time, online at, and by phone, at 1-800-293-9576. Exceptions to standard support hours, including closures for holidays, can be found at

3. Response Time

TownNews utilizes three categories of support request priorities: Normal, High and Critical.

Normal priority issues are defined as requests that do not affect the current appearance or operation of a site and typically receive a response within 48 hours.

Examples of normal priority issues include -

  • Requests for additional training
  • Design changes
  • New feature requests
  • Requests for new accounts, etc

High-Priority issues are defined as a product or service that is currently functional and available, but is incorrect or experiencing anomalies and typically receive a response within 24 hours. Examples of high priority issues include the following -

  • Problems with site style (particularly on a front or index page)
  • The inability to modify existing content or advertising

Critical priority issues are defined as issues that affect the availability or operations of a product (an ‘outage’ or inoperable) and that need to be addressed immediately and typically receive a response within 30 minutes. Examples of critical issues include the following -

  • A site that is unavailable
  • Inability to update editorial content or advertisements
  • Accidental deletion of files requiring a file restore

‘Response’ is defined as a reply acknowledging the issue and providing as much information as possible regarding resolution.

4. After Hours Support

Customer support is available 24 hours a day for critical issues. To receive after hours support, contact customer support at 1-800-293-9576. An answering service will take your information and contact an on-call representative, who will return the call within 30 minutes.

5. Customer Communication and Contacts

TownNews customer support will make best commercial efforts (defined below) to direct communications to the appropriate customer representative. All inquiries made directly to customer support will be followed up with the customer representative who originated the inquiry. All service announcements and regular communications will be directed to the party or parties on record as recipients of service announcements.

Customer is required to notify TownNews any time the list of recipients or contact information for customer support communications changes

Note:  Any customer experiencing support service that doesn’t meet these goals should contact the Director of Client Services by calling 1-800-293-9576.

6. Third-Party Relationships

TownNews occasionally engages in partnerships with third-party vendors for selected services. TownNews will provide advance notice to customers prior to changes regarding any third-party relationships that impact products and services..

TownNews will make best commercial efforts (defined below) to ensure that all services and content provided by third-party vendors are available at all times and respond to third-party outages or service interruptions accordingly.


1. Hosting and Availability

The servers providing website services shall be available for use by site visitors according to the following standards, excluding periods of scheduled maintenance, and excluding outages caused by acts, events and/or other force majeure conditions beyond the control of TownNews, including Internet outages:

Cumulative monthly downtime will not exceed 4 hours. For each four-hour period exceeding the allowable downtime, an incremental credit of 10% of the monthly transaction fee will be issued upon written request, to be capped at the total monthly transaction fee applicable for customer. For example:

  • 4.1 to 8 hours = 10% credit
  • 8.1 to 12 hours = 20% credit
  • 12.1 to 16 hours = 30% credit

Definition of Monthly Downtime: Website is either not available (no page responses) or has excessively long response times (response time is greater than 12 seconds) using TownNews monitoring services as defined in Availability Monitoring.

2. Availability Monitoring

TownNews will track server availability based on third-party monitoring services showing general external availability metrics (e.g. – Keynotes, SiteSeer, Gomez, etc.). Availability does not include maintenance windows, telecommunications provided by commercial carriers, external Internet Service Providers, or force majeure conditions.

Customer shall have the right to independently monitor such availability, at its own expense, using standard Internet protocols, and using access rates that do not have a material impact on the performance of the site. Customers choosing to implement their own monitoring must notify TownNews indicating the monitoring service, IP address of the service, frequency of the monitoring, and URL(s) that are being monitored.

3. Limitation on Monthly Credit

The total credit issued in any given month associated with both hosting and data processing is limited to full amount of the applicable monthly transaction fee in effect.

4. Outages and Communication

Planned Outages

From time to time, maintenance that requires servers to be taken offline is required. TownNews will inform customers by email 24 hours in advance of any planned network or service outage. TownNews will use best commercial efforts (as defined below) to ensure that these outages are scheduled during off hours and periods of low traffic. In general, planned outages will not exceed three hours of downtime. TownNews will give 72 hours notice of any planned outages that will exceed three hours of downtime.

Other Outages TownNews will communicate general or application-specific outages via email and phone within 60 minutes of identifying the cause(s) of the outage. TownNews will provide regular updates depending on available information. A notice of resolution will be sent with via email to technical contacts designated by each customer with available details.

On occasion, a maintenance or emergency security procedure may fall outside these hours or require more than 5 minutes. TownNews will use best commercial efforts (as defined below) to provide at least 3 business days’ advance notice of the details of any such maintenance procedure for any services covered under an existing contract.

Termination of Services

TownNews will provide at minimum 30 days notice prior to discontinuing any services covered under an existing contract.

5. Availability of Customer Data

TownNews will use best commercial efforts (as defined below) to safeguard the preservation of any customer data (articles, images, videos, advertising, calendar listings, etc.) published using administrative tools, using appropriate techniques that include data backup and a redundant server architecture. However, customer licenses the use of the administrative tools and interface, thus maintains full responsibility for the actions of its agents in usage of these tools, including deletion or modification of data. Customer may receive no more than one month’s service fees in remuneration for data loss not caused by the customer or by force majeure conditions.


“Best commercial efforts” as used herein shall mean all the efforts a reasonable, diligent person in the position of TownNews would use to insure contracted for services are expeditiously provided to its customer.