TownNews enforces a strict spam and abuse policy.  Every email sent through a Web site hosted on our network is tagged with tracking information.  This allows us to monitor spam or abuse cases.  Recipients of email they believe to be spam or abuse are able to add their email address to a NO-SEND blacklist.  This will prevent them from receiving further spam or abuse incidents.

A disclaimer is appended to each message to inform the recipient that tracking information has been included.  The message looks like this:

This e-mail contains information for the purpose of tracking abuse.  If you believe this email is offensive or may be considered spam, please visit the Web site and create an incident report.  From this site you can also block messages like this from sending to your email address.  Please retain this Mail-ID [a9f2656cf84fd0653e5fcea2d7e2d57e], it's needed to view information associated with this message.  Click the link below to view the incident.

At, users have the option to visit the following links:

Recieved spam or offensive email:

No "From:" address:

Is my email listed on the NO-SEND blacklist:

Report of all emails sent to me:

Need EIC to contact me:

Is my domain on the DNS Blacklist:

The information listed below is available in further detail at

I have received spam or an offensive email

In the disclaimer provided above, a Mail-ID is included.  If you have received an email that you believe is offensive or may be spam you can insert the Mail-ID in the box provided at  Using this ID you can add your email address to the NO-SEND blacklist to prevent future incidents.

The email I received said the message had no valid "From" address

Along with the disclaimer that is appended to each email you may see the following message:

The website sending this form,, did not specify a valid From: address in this email message.  Although this message was received by DO NOT REPLY to this message as it will not get to the intended person(s).  Please contact the webmaster at and request they correct this form by adding a valid From: address to it.

This disclaimer is appended to an email message when there is no valid "from" address to warn the recipient to not respond to it.  If the recipient were to respond, noone would receive it or sensitive information could be sent to the wrong person(s).

I want to check if my email address in on the NO-SEND blacklist

Here,, you can insert your email address and receive a report of which websites and software you will not receive email from.

I want a report of all messages sent to my email address

Here,, you can insert your email address and receive a report of all emails our system has sent to you.  Using this report you can add your email address to the NO-SEND blacklist to prevent future incidents.

I want to create a report and have someone from the EIC contact me

Here,, you can create a ticket and have a real person contact you regarding an email you received.  At this page a link is provided which forwards you to our CRM ticketing system so you will need a username and password to login.  If you do not already have a login for our ticketing system please contact our customer support staff.

I want to know if my domain is on DNS Blacklist

Here,, you can enter your domain name.  This will return two (2) links for you to click on which will reveal if the domain name is being blocked or not.