New feature this week allows sites to inform readers how long it will take to read a particular article.

This metric has been found to improve engagement by allowing users to make decisions regarding their time. For example, a user may want to click on a quick "1 min to read" article or may choose to read an article with a "15 min to read" estimate with more content and information.

How do I implement this feature?

By default, the time-to-read estimate is disabled. To enable it, go to the URL properties in the Block Editor and select the "show time-to-read estimate" option. It can be set as disabled, enabled on all articles, or enabled on long-form articles only.

Additionally, some blocks will be equipped to show the time-to-read estimate on them. End users will see time estimates on the front page and/or section pages. Blocks that support this new feature:

  • Card: Blog
  • Card: Feature
  • Card: Grid
  • Card: Showcase
  • Card: Summary
  • Card: Top Story List
  • Editorial: Breaking
  • Editorial: Full Article
  • Slideshow: Carousel
  • Slideshow: Headlines Carousel

The option to show the time-to-read estimate is disabled by default and can be enabled on a block by block basis. This feature can also be enabled or disabled on a URL by URL basis. It may be appropriate to turn off the time-to-read estimate on a specific section.

Can I enable this feature on all articles?

Yes, in the URL map, in the General URL group, you can choose between disabled, enabled on all articles, and enabled on long-form articles only. By default, the option is disabled.

Will this feature work for all assets?

Articles are the first asset type being rolled out for now. In the future, we may implement time-to-consume metrics on other asset types. Note: Articles need to be saved before the new metric is captured and can be used.

Can I group long or short articles together in a block?

Yes! The time-to-consume metric has specific query rules that allow you to create a block based on these values, entered in seconds. For example, a query rule that says "Time to Consume is no less than 300" will show only articles longer than five minutes. You could also add a query rule of "Time to Consume is no greater than 180," which will show only short three minute summaries.


What if there are inline graphics, videos or photo galleries?

BLOX CMS considers many factors when estimating time to read including:

  • Average reading time
  • Additional photos
  • Inline videos
  • Photo galleries

For more information, contact Customer Support.

Read the detailed release notes here.