Follow this Search

Site visitors can now "follow this search" in BLOX Classifieds. Increase reader retention by allowing end-users the opportunity to receive email alerts when new classified ads, meeting their specific search criteria, are placed onto a site.

  • Bargain hunters can now be notified when new garage or estate sales have been created.
  • Home seekers can be first to know when a new 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom house in their favorite neighborhood is listed.
  • Car shoppers can receive an alert when that used, black, 2010 Jeep Commander finally goes on sale.

If users fail to find content that matches their search terms during an active search, they are offered the capability to receive alerts—which allows them to re-engage at a later time when content becomes available.

Emails can be sent as often as once per day if new ads have been placed on the site. Users can review the search lists in the User Dashboard.

Read the detailed release notes here.