1) In a properly named Adobe InDesign document where an article asset has been placed, draw a Rectangle Frame with the tool below or place a snippet with an image frame. 

Rectangle Frame Tool

Adobe InDesign's Rectangle Frame tool is used to draw on pages frames that are destined to hold image assets. 

Optional) If you drew the frame, apply the appropriate Object Style to the frame. At many sites this is FR Image IMG Frame and can be accessed using Adobe InDesign's Quick Apply function.

2) Select the new frame and the article asset. 

3) Choose BLOX Total CMS > Asset Manager...

4) Click the Budget View tab

5) Click the Selected Asset radio button

6) The Asset Manager will now look something like the following:

Asset Manager's Budget View with the Selected Asset option

This image shows how the Asset Manager might look if a placed asset is selected in Adobe InDesign and the user opens the Asset Manager's Budget View tab and selects the Selected Asset radio button. 

7) Click the only listed asset at the top. This should be the asset that was selected along with the image frame. 

Optional) All child image assets should be displayed in the bottom section of the Asset Manager. If you don't see this, change your Asset Manager Preferences with the Include Child Assets preferences as shown below. 

Asset Manager Preferences to Include Child Assets

The Include tab of the Asset Manager's preferences. In this case the user will see the child assets listed below the search results. Clicking on a child and clicking OK will place the child asset if an appropriate frame was selected. 

8) Click once on any of the child assets near the bottom of the asset manager. 

Asset Manager with Child Asset Selected

This view of the Asset Manager has a child asset selected. This is identified by the selection line at the  bottom of the Children: area and the fact that the Preview: area shows details on the selected child image asset.

9) Click the OK button and the child asset should place.