UPDATE: The migration of the next round of sports has been delayed for several weeks by AP. Current estimation is for football to migrate in late November, with basketball and hockey moving later.

The Associated Press has announced the second round of AP Agate changes.

Sample files will be available starting September 16th. At that point TownNews developers will begin testing with existing rulesets and will make available new rulesets and, if necessary, updates to the client software to address any necessary changes.

Below is the announcement from AP:

This is a reminder that we will be migrating fixtures for NFL and college football:

  • Samples for football glances and game stats will be available the week of Sept. 16, with other fixtures to follow.
  • The fixtures are scheduled to be migrated the first week of October.
  • The full list of football fixtures that will migrate then can be found here.
  • Fixtures for basketball and hockey will be migrated after football, likely in early November.

As a reminder, we will eliminate the separate category z versions of stories on Monday, Sept. 9.

  • This refers to stories only; the category code on agate fixtures is not affected.
  • You will still be able to access all stories via the "z" products and packages as well as the "s" products and packages. The only change is that the stories will carry a "s" category code.

When the samples for football fixtures are available you will be able to access them through the same preview products used for baseball.

If you were not previously entitled to the MLB test products, you must be entitled to a special preview product and you must enable that product in your WebFeeds agent or add it to your direct calls. There are two seperate preview products: one for NITF and ANPA table formats and one for our ANPA semicolon-delimited format. Please contact the AP to be entitled to these products.