Major Included Packages

  • BLOX CMS version 1.42.7 (from 1.40.6)
  • PageTracker version 1.11.0 (from 1.9.0)
  • BLOX Total CMS Client for Adobe InCopy and Adobe InDesign version 5.35 (from 5.32.31-4)
  • AP version 4.15.5 (from 4.15.4)

BLOX CMS version 1.42.7

Major Changes:

  • New "reset start time" option for Workflows
    This addresses the situations where reporters start a story on TotalCMS in advance, and then three days later it is finished and published. Unless the reporter remembers to go back and change the start date, then it ends up the "publish date" is actually three days ago - when really that's when it was STARTED, but not when it was PUBLISHED. This new workflow option allows you to set the asset start date/time to the current time when the asset reaches that process stage. Please keep in mind that if you want an asset to start in the future, this option will affect those assets just as it will assets with a start date/time earlier than the current time.


  • Auto generate byline/tagline from author information
    Byline and tagline will be automatically filled out if passed a specific user on my site (by supplying the matching email address) via a parser. When the user is a match, the byline and tagline should be automatically filled out. Currently this happens in the BLOX admin UI, but does not happen in parsers.
    For sites using a BLOX Job to export NITF files for third –party vendors, there will be additional tags in the output

  • Better display of print headline and subheadline in Asset Editor
    This improvement will allow the headline and subheadline fields to "grow" in size so that you can see longer headlines fully displayed in the UI.

  • Give editorial control over its importer configuration
    Add more importer types to editorial's Content importers settings panel, with the ultimate goal of not requiring any jobs to be configured under Settings > Jobs for importing editorial content. The accordion has been renamed to simply Importers.

  • In the Blox Go interface, the following additional fields are now available: 
    • Slug
    • Subhead
    • Hammer
    • Kicker

New Features:

  • New inline presentation: Short Summary
    This new presentation mode for inline articles will display articles inline, but not quite as big as the current summary display. This new mode is more compact and useful for frequent promotion of semi-related stories.

  • Ability to see publish status in related asset panels
    This new feature allows you to see which photos are set to be published and which are not. This will help you instantly know that a photo won't show up on your article (or will tell you why it isn't there now).

Bug Fixes:

  • With Editorial_asset>Asset settings "Disable photo sales by default" active, batch uploaded images will be set to "disable" for photo sales and, when pushed to hosted cms, will retain that setting.
  • The image preview bug in Appliance build 2.22.1-1, where the preview of an image was missing after editing, has been fixed.
  • When using the NIFT export option, it now properly includes the author information if it is available.

Minor changes:

  • The "Ken Burns" image presentation has been renamed to "Pan & Zoom"

Page Tracker version 1.11.0


  • The UI has been refreshed to match the new "Flat" look in the rest of the interface.

New Features:

  • Added to the Assignment Wizard an ASSET Start Time, which will allow editors to set an asset start time when creating an assignment.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the behavior of the Default Section in Desktop > Settings > InDesign > Page creation settings and then the Section tab. You can now use a Default Section and allow the user to add a Page number without first switching the sections. You can now also remove / toggle the Default Section.

BLOX Total CMS Client for Adobe InCopy and Adobe InDesign version 5.35


  • Corrected behavior of Dead Jumps.
  • Added the ability to cleanup legacy .version files
  • Improved support for Brainworks ad layout files to set page content types based on the edition files.

New Features:

  • Have begun adding functionality for Distributed Production. Multiple items added in relation to creating and editing Design Element Snippets (more details on this to come in future releases).
  • As part of our push towards distributed production, we have added the ability for users creating editions from edition files to request previews to be generated in Page Tracker at the time the edition is created. To enable this, just click the Update Page Tracker with Wireframes and Update Page Tracker with Previews checkboxes in the Enhanced Create Edition dialog.
  • In the asset manager, a Do Not Publish red square status icon is now displayed for assets marked as DNP.
  • As part of the distributed production, we now allow sites to share rulesets across multiple domains. What this means is if a domain doesn't need any customization different from another domain, they can cause it to use the other domain's rulesets without needing to export, delete, and import. The loading will be done automatically, in the background, by the Adobe InDesign or Adobe InCopy client. To enable domain B to use domain A's rulesets the following things must happen:
    • All Domain B's users must have login permissions for Domain A
    • Domain B will need to have a single ruleset.
    • The name of the ruleset in domain B will be the A's domain. For example, pleasantville.local (for appliance based sites) or (for sites without appliances).
    • That one ruleset in Domain B must be the Default ruleset
    • It does NOT matter what is in that ruleset. It will be ignored. We suggest adding comments explaining its purpose: Redirecting to A
  • There is a new feature for template masters to use to clear out any stored placements from inline assets that were used in the master documents. In Development Mode the choice is BLOX Total CMS > Development Mode > Remove Stored Inline assets.
  • There is a new feature to create reports of pages and assets. The report creates an industry standard .csv file with data from Page Tracker and BLOX Total CMS. The .csv file can be imported into most spreadsheets and databases where it can be filtered as desired. It is up to the sites to decide what to do with the data, but to give you some ideas, you can tell:
    • How many pages were completed in a specific time frame
    • How many assets were used on those pages
    • If the assets were local or wire service provided
    • Area of the page used by assets We are very willing to include any extra data that we have access to. Please test the reports first and let us know what extra information you need.
  • There is a new feature at BLOX Total CMS > Documents > Combine Multiple... that allows a user to combine multiple pages into a single document. When chosen, a dialog similar to the following will appear:

    Simply check the pages to combine and click the OK button.

Bug Fixes:

  • Corrected some icon display issues in the MacOS client Asset Manager.
  • Added additional logging in the case of a failure during a Chained Output Method activation.
  • Fixed two issues with Auto Load Preferences. It now shows up consistently, and it now respects the selected option and allows you to toggle it and save your choice.
  • Fixed the exporting of keyboard shortcuts on MacOS client.
  • Important Advertising Support Bug Fix) There is a possibility that this error has affected more than the one site that reported it and provided logs for us to look at. If this sound familiar, you should upgrade your client to 5.33.09 or newer. If your site uses our Advertising support and if they use Page Content Types, there was a chance that we would mark some ads on pages as unknown ads and the defaults to Fix Errors or Fix Errors and Warnings in the Ad Statuses dialog would remove those ads. This was caused by having a page content type whose number of characters after automatic cleanup of spaces and punctuation matched the length of the Adobe InDesign page naming convention. This has been fixed and the length of the two names no longer matters.
  • The Close all Documents feature was not configured to update Page Tracker. It now does this. In addition, if there are assets on the pages, it will also update the Document Jump Segment Cashing and update any assignments.
  • A single MacOS user managed to perform a series of actions quicker than their workstation could keep up with. That then caused a failure in their final action of performing a Save As which then broke and triggered several errors. We have modified the BLOX Total CMS for Adobe InDesign client to return the same document rather than the new named one if this happens again.
  • There were some changes to how nested character/paragraph styles are handled. If you were used to seeing certain formatting from the Adobe InDesign page or Adobe InCopy article written-back, those formats might no longer be written back. Please do testing after installing this version.
  • The Spawn Template should have forced the Allow Pages to Shuffle option so that the folios were set correctly when using Create Edition from Edition file followed by Create Pages. It now does this.
  • Spawn Template did not export fonts when sites were using the Legacy Creative Suite versions of Adobe InDesign. This has been fixed. Sites should still move to the Creative Cloud versions of Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy as Adobe no longer support the CS versions and TownNews no longer tests with CS5 or CS 5.5.
  • If one of a MacOS specific Advertising paths was set to a hard coded path on a different location than the MacOS Root Path, it could not be used. This has been corrected. If you need to set to a different share, or even the local machine, remember to preface the path with // or {{\\\}}.
  • Important: For several years, jump items have been able to use line breaks if the various frames by including <&r> for a return or <&br> for a soft return or line break. Unfortunately, they weren't always converted back to the returns or line breaks. This has been corrected.
  • If you attempt to jump a story in Adobe InDesign that another user had checked out, an error dialog would have been displayed that wasn't clear on the issue. This has been changed and now the user will get a dialog explaining that the asset is in use. The jump itself will actually be created, but the asset will not get the Jump Keyword or Jump Headline added to the actual asset (since it is locked by the other user). The page, however will be fine.
  • The function released in client 5.30.02-1 that added the ability for a template master to push a set of user preferences didn't work for a new user, only existing users. This has been corrected and sites can now create the desired preferences file and when the Adobe InDesign and/or Adobe InCopy users first login, they will get the default BLOX Total CMS preferences file.
  • The Ad Statuses dialog could be displayed larger than a user's monitor. While the default button selected in the browser-based preferences would be still the default (and selectable with the enter/return keys) and the escape key would click cancel, functionality was reduced by the enlarged size. This has been corrected.
  • The Image Statuses dialog never indicated if the image was out of date or missing. It now has a column for the image link status. If the link is normal, no icon is shown. If the linked file is out of date the normal (exclamation icon) will appear. A missing image will show the red stop sign icon with a question mark. If, for some reason, some other status exists, a question mark will be shown. Some additional processes will remove the ability to export or import an image whose link is not normal.
  • IMPORTANT (Image Toning Bug Fix and Change) Some sites used non-file safe characters such as apostrophes, colons or slashes in their slugs. This prevented the sites from exporting a images for toning using the advanced options in Image Statuses. All images exported for toning, and thus searched for for replacement of a toned image, will have all non-alphanumeric characters and all non-hypen and non-underscore characters converted to underscores. If anything appears similar to an HTML tag, it will be removed. Double-spaces will be converted to single spaces. Double-underscores, space underscore, and underscore space sequences will be changed to a single underscore. Any name ending with an underscore will have the trailing underscore removed. If you are toning images in advance, the toned copies will need to use this image naming cleaning rules. We continue to recommend using our Image Statuses option and export sized images with unique naming for the best image quality and perfect image swapping. In addition, because of the cleaning up of the slug, if you insist on doing toning in advance, please keep the naming simple so that the conversion to underscores doesn't prevent a match with your pre-toned image.
  • The settings for asking about jumping in a single page document were stored in the wrong location. That could have caused the value to be ignored. This has been fixed.
  • The function for adding the jump items to an article incorrectly prompt for the jump Keyword and Jump Head if you were threading a story on the same page of a multi-page document. This prompting no longer happens if the frame created by picking up the Adobe InDesign Out Port is on the same page any any other frame of the thread.
  • You can now jump an article asset across many pages of the same document. Previously we limited jumping to single pages. While that makes complete sense for true written word articles, it doesn't work well for calendar listings or things like restaurant guides where there is an actual likelihood that someone would bother to follow the jump. If you are threading frames on the same page, there is a preference at BLOX Total CMS > Settings and Stuport.. in the Jumps tab to Confirm Auto Jumps.
  • The Document Jumps Manager had a bug which failed to allow it to use its Relink function. Relink is used when a user and manipulated the pages in a document receiving document and thus the Document Jump page is displayed incorrectly. The bug prevented Relink from asking which document to relink to. It has been corrected.
  • Long Standing Bug Fix) Until this point of time, the menu item at BLOX Total CMS > Story Flow Options > would not check any options if more than a single frame was selected. This has been corrected. If all the selected frames have any Story Flow Option property set, then that menu item will be checked.

* Note this update will fail to install on P1, P2 series hardware due to end of life.

*********** NOTICE OF END OF LIFE ***********

Effective Jan 8, 2019 TownNews will be ending software development for for our legacy HP class server appliances with model numbers P1-1300, P1-3000, and P2-3000. 

TownNews now offers newer Total CMS options such as VMWare, Hosted, and appliance models M2-3000 and P3-11000 which offer superior performance and flexibility.

Total CMS version 2.22.0 will be the final software update available to these platforms. Customers support for BLOX Total CMS will continue to be available for customers using the EOL models until June 3, 2019.

For more information on the Total CMS options available, please contact your TownNews sales person.