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Twitter Integration provides the ability to pull in Twitter content (Tweets) into Article Assets.  The Twitter Integration software uses your Twitter Account and Channel as the conduit to Twitter and the content on Twitter is populated into a Twitter Interface in Editorial Assets that you can search for Tweets and place them into Articles.  The setup to do this is kind of technical. You will need a Twitter App in order to integrate with Twitter. To set one up, Click Here.


The prerequisites pertain to the hosted site (connecting site) that the Twitter content is going to be pulled from.  On the hosted site, the Twitter Notifier Channel and Account must be setup.  You also need a Job setup to run.

BLOX CMS Hosting Site

The BLOX CMS Hosting site is the "Admin" site that has the Twitter Notifier Account set up on. Once the Twitter Account and Channel has been set up, you will then Link to this site from the BLOX Total CMS Appliance.

Twitter Notifier Account Setup


The Notifier Settings window opens.


Under Accounts, click on Connect and select Twitter.

BLOX Total CMS-BroadcastAccountsConnect.png

The BLOX CMS - Twitter Authorize screen opens in a new browser. Fill in your account credentials and then click on Authorize App.

BLOX Total CMS-BroadcastAccountsConnectAuthorize.png

Once authorized, the Twitter Account will be added to your Notifier Accounts. Select the Account you want to use and then click on Select Accounts (this window closes and returns you to the Channel setup window).


Now, under Channels, click on New.


Next, enter a Name for this Channel then, under Sections, click on Add to add sections of your BLOX CMS Hosting site (the Select Sections dialogue window opens).


Select your Section(s) then click on Add Sections at the bottom (this window will then close).


To add a Target Account, click Add and select the account you want and click Select Accounts. Once you've done that, you'll see the Sections and Twitter Account for this Notifier Channel. Then click Save (this window closes).


You'll then see the new Twitter Channel listed in your Notifier Settings.


Job Setup

A job needs to be set up on the hosted site to send the Site Tags to the BLOX Total CMS Appliance. To access, go to Settings / Jobs (the drop menu on your hosted site may have different options). For more information on Jobs, Click Here.

BLOX Total CMS-JobsAccess.png

Jobs Settings will open up. Click on New to set up a new job.

BLOX Total CMS-JobsMain.png

Fill in the properties for the job as follows. See the link above for more help on setting up a job.

BLOX Total CMS-JobsMainNew.png
  • Job - Job ID = this is automatically populated by system when job is created | Job Title = what ever you enter
  • Source - Module = tncms_json | Location = feeds/appliance-name/*.json (ie: feeds/aptest/*.json)
  • Destination - Module = tncms | Location = can be left blank
  • Filters - This can be left blank

Click Save when you're done.

Link Site

On the BLOX Total CMS Appliance, go to Settings / Linked Sites to set up a link (connection) to your Hosted site.

BLOX Total CMS-LinkedSitesAccess.png

The Linked Sites settings box opens. Click on Connect.

BLOX Total CMS-LinkedSites.png

When you click on Connect, The Connect to Hosted Site dialogue box opens. Enter the Domain Name of the site you want to connect to. Click on Connect. If you get an error, see below on how to address them.

BLOX Total CMS-LinkedSitesDomain.png

This error indicates you have a Pop-up Blocker enabled on your site. Click OK and remove it. Then click on Connect again.

BLOX Total CMS-LinkedSitesDomainConnectError.png

This error indicates you have the http://www. or https://www. in the Domain Name. Click OK and remove it. Then click on Connect again.

BLOX Total CMS-LinkedSitesDomainYadisError.png

A successful connection takes you to an authorization screen where you Approve or Deny the connection request.

BLOX Total CMS-LinkedSitesConnectApprove.png

Once Approved, the site is listed in the Linked Sites. You can click on Verify to verify the connection.

BLOX Total CMS-LinkedSitesConnectApproved.png

Setting Up a Twitter Notifier Channel

To do this, you must first have the Link SiteLinked Site set up. This provides the Twitter accounts for you to use in this process. To access the Notifier Settings, go to Settings / Notifier.

BLOX Total CMS-AccessBroadcastSettings.png

This loads the Notifier settings window.

BLOX Total CMS-BroadcastMain.png

First click on Accounts and then on Update Remote Accounts (created in the Linked Sites settings). This will go through and synchronize your Twitter accounts.

BLOX Total CMS-BroadcastAccounts.png

When synchonization is complete, you'll get a list of all accounts that were synchronized. Click OK.

BLOX Total CMS-BroadcastAccountsSynchronized.png

A confirmation message will appear, click OK.

BLOX Total CMS-BroadcastAccountsUpdateRemoteAccts.png

Now, click Channels and then click on New to create a new Channel.

BLOX Total CMS-BroadcastChannels.png

The Edit Notifier Channel window opens. Fill in the Channel Name and then under Sections, click on Add.


Go through and select the Sections you want to add to this channel. Click on Add Sections when done.

BLOX Total CMS-BroadcastChannelsNewSectionsAdd.png

Now under Target Accounts, click on Add.


Any accounts that synchronized will show up in a list.

BLOX Total CMS-BroadcastAccountsListed.png

Select the Twitter Account(s) you want to use for this channel. Click on Select Accounts when done.

BLOX Total CMS-BroadcastAccountsSelect.png

Once the Sections and the Target Accounts have been added, click on Save.


You are now returned to the Notifier settings window with the new channel added.

BLOX Total CMS-BroadcastChannelsAfterSetup.png

Using Twitter in Article Assets

The Twitter icon is on the Toolbar. This provides the ability to connect to your Twitter account, Search for Tweets, and Select which ones you want to embed into your article. In the Article editing window, click on the Twitter icon.

Note: If the Twitter Icon is missing from the toolbar in your asset editor, your Systems Site Administrator will have to enable it by going to Superuser Tools / System / Service Keys and enter the Key and Secret from your Twitter App account. To set one up, Click Here.  If your Systems Site Administrator does not have this access, contact Customer Service for assistance - (800) 293-9576 or Create a Ticket.

BLOX Total CMS-ArticleMain.png

You'll be prompted to Connect to your Twitter account, click on the button.

BLOX Total CMS-ArticleTwitterConnect.png

Once you select your account, you'll be prompted to Confirm the account selection.

BLOX Total CMS-ArticleTwitterConnectConfirm.png

A Search Twitter interface opens up. Enter a Keyword to search on. You can also opt to Retweets and Replies and/or Mentions.

BLOX Total CMS-ArticleTwitterSearch.png

Go through and select the Tweets you want to use. There are Navigation controls at the bottom of the interface to advance to another list of results.

Note: If you want to select Tweets that are on different pages in the Results, you'll need to select the ones from a single results page and Insert those and then repeat the Search to pull in those from another results page.

BLOX Total CMS-ArticleTwitterSearchResults.png

Once the results are loaded into the Article, you can drag and drop them where you want them inline with story (think of each Tweet as an individual inline related asset).

BLOX Total CMS-ArticleMainWithTweets.png

Notifier Articles to Twitter

Notifiering an article to your Twitter account essentially sends a link (title of the article is default but can be modified) to Twitter and is linked back to the article on the hosted site. To do so, you have to have:

  • - The Twitter account set up on the hosted site
  • - The hosted site linked to from the BLOX Total CMS Appliance
  • - The Notifier Channel set up on the BLOX Total CMS Appliance

Then, the Notifier options are automatically populated (made available) in the Editorial Asset editor on the right under Other.

BLOX Total CMS-BroadcastOtherMain.png

To Notifier to Twitter, check the checkbox of the corresponding Twitter account you want to send link to. Related images will not appear on Twitter.

BLOX Total CMS-BroadcastOtherBroadcast.png

Once the checkbox is checked, a box appears with the title in it. Here you can modify the text that will appear on Twitter. Once you click on Save, the Notifier happens instaneously.

BLOX Total CMS-BroadcastOtherBroadcastCheck.png

Appears on Twitter

BLOX Total CMS-BroadcastOtherFrontTwitter.png

Appears on Hosted Site

BLOX Total CMS-BroadcastOtherFrontSite.png