Overview of Included Software Packages

Major Packages

  • Associated Press 4.10.2 (from 4.8.0)
  • BLOX Total CMS 1.33.7 (from 1.32.3)
  • Page Tracker 1.2.1 (from 1.2.0) 

System Tools

  • Kernel 4.1.39
  • PHP 5.6.30
  • TNSOLOR 1.13.2
  • UDLoader 2.0.0
  • ZFS

Associated Press 4.10.2

New Features

Rather than individual calls for each entitlement from Associated Press channels, we now make a batch download which is more efficient. Sites should see less missing content with this approach.

Syndication content importers for Associate Press channels now support an option to Only overwrite content. When selected an update (like a writethru) will NOT change the sections, keywords, or geotags during the update. Only the content of the asset will change.

We have optimized the process BLOX Total CMS uses to connect to The Associated Press and update stories. In general, you may notice a slight performance improvement.

Any Associated Press assets with Graphiq visualizations will have them associated via HTML children. They aren't available for print, but they will automatically appear online as an HTML child.

Some Associated Press content will import with inline HTML links.

Associated Press copyright information is now included in the asset tagline. Sites may want to have this copyright trimmed during translation.

Bug Fixes

Account / Usernames are now saved into the configuration in a consistent manner. This improves data logging / tracking and simplifies troubleshooting.

If an Associated Press based asset has content provided by Graphiq, it should not be the first child asset unless it is the only child. This makes for better previews as HTML assets (which Graphic is), doesn't preview well.

BLOX Total CMS 1.33.7

New Features

Collection assets now have these new Flags available: Centerpiece, Breaking, Developing, Alert, Top Story, Watchdog, Special Section, Exclusive, Special Report, Urgent, and Weather alert 

Users can now sort by the Last Modified time in the browser based Asset Editor. This will help editors find recently-updated content more easily. To use this feature, simply click on the column title that says, "Last modify time." The column will then re-sort and show an arrow icon to indicate the direction of sorting. If the "Last modify time" column is not available on a user's screen, click on one of the arrows in the column titles, and there is a "column" selection tool available there.

TNCMS-5106 Twitter search integration

For performance reasons, the automatic geocoding function has been removed on appliances. It continues to operate on hosted BLOX where it is actually needed.

Bug Fixes

When sending e-mails with content to a BLOX Total CMS system's content importer, the case of the e-mail address is no longer important. Thus sites should have much better results e-mailing content directly to BLOX Total CMS. In addition, the use of CC addresses now works.  Finally, you can now e-mail from more sources including IMAP based accounts such as gmail.com.

You can no longer create empty, blank, or slashed keywords on assets.

Entering a large amount of text into an image asset's description field will no longer result in the top or bottom of the content being cut off.

When assets with DRM rules were re-syndicated, they incrementally updated the embargo time. This has been corrected.

There was a bug with the syndication jobs from BLOX Total CMS to hosted BLOX. If a job ID was incorrect the syndication could loop and constantly try to re-syndicate. This has been fixed.

Page Tracker 1.2.1

Bug Fix

The purge of Page Tracker assets and Assignments, released in Appliance OS 2.15.0, was removed because, at a few sites, there were too many assets to purge in a reasonable time. A future version will change the tools to purge these assignments and Page Tracker pages and limit the number of purges attempted at any one time.