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e-Editions Segmenting Configuration

Publications are set up in InDesign Settings under Page Creation.  The Publications that are created there, automatically appear here.  This application setting works based on the way e-Editions are setup for Segmenting in the actual e-Edition application itself.  The job set up here will run based on the configuration settings and then are processed accordingly. 


When configuring an e-Edition publication, there are two options if you are using the BLOX Total CMS Hosted platform; Remote and Local. The Remote option is identical to the BLOX Total CMS Appliance platform with the exception there is no Local option.  Using Remote, you need to set the Domain for the job to use.


The Local option is for the Hosted platform only and the Job is looking at the Local Domain.



There are a few settings listed including Verbose Logging and NITF Export.

  • Verbose Logging is used mainly for troubleshooting purposes as it records more information (using more words than necessary).  
  • NITF Exports requires the 'Export NITF from pages' Preference enabled.  For more information, Click Here.

Deadline Tracking

This helps with tracking deadlines similar to legacy pagination systems and relies on a Workflow Process called Pages.  If Pages does not exist, then there is a message stating 'there are no workflow processes defined for this workflow.'


If the Pages Workflow is set up, you can double click in each field and enter the values needed.  The Values:

  • Minimum (Min) - To determine an absolute deadline for a page at any given workflow process, working backwards from the page's deadline.
  • Maximum (Max) - To provide an alert when a page has been sitting too long at any given workflow process.

The Final workflow process will not have any timing set as these do not factor into the calculations used by BLOX.