NOTE: To work with this BLOX application you will need to be granted access in Settings / Users / Groups. If you do not see this application in the drop-down in the upper-left of your BLOX CMS desktop, or for more information about groups and getting access to different parts of your BLOX CMS admin please see Groups - Recommendations / Best Practices. The site administrator at your location should be able to grant you access, or you can contact TownNews Customer Support by submitting a ticket through your BLOX CMS admin (for more information see Ticket Workspace) or by going to Customer Support. Or you can call 800-293-9576.

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Settings / Linked Sites and Settings / Broadcast allow you to connect to multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts so that you can automatically broadcast your assets to these social networks. You will now be able to set up separate Facebook and Twitter accounts for news content, sports, columnists, etc.

Setting up your Facebook or Twitter Accounts

Before you can Broadcast to Facebook or Twitter through BLOX Total CMS, you must first setup the accounts through your BLOX hosted site. If you have not done that, click here and then return to this page to continue the setup.


The logged-in user in BLOX Total CMS trying to link a site must have proper permissions set on your BLOX CMS hosted site. On the CMS hosted site, the user must be part of a group that includes Settings / Linked Sites.

Setting up a Linked Site

 Select Settings / Linked Sites.

Choose Connect from the Linked Sites dialog box.

Linked Sites

Enter the name of your domain and click Connect . This domain name must match the domain entered for your Site Tag and should not contain a preceding www. in front of the domain name. You may have to click Connect several times before it actually goes through.

Linked Sites Hosted

You will be asked to approve the integration for the site you have choose. Click Approve. The approval process is done through a pop-up window. If your Web browsers prevents pop-ups, the approval window will not appear and you will continue to get a message that says the site could not be linked. Turn off your pop-up blocker until this process is complete, or take notice of the pop-up blocker notifications and enable pop-ups for the site from the notification that usually shows near the browser's address bar or at the bottom of the browser, depending on which browser you are using.

Linked Sites Approval

Broadcast Channel Setup

 In the BloxCMS Admin, from the drop-down menu in the the upper-left corner choose Settings / Broadcast. (Not sure how to access BLOX Applications? Click here).

This will bring up the Broadcast popup. 

Broadcast Channels

Click on Accounts. Choose Update Remote Accounts.


 Click on Channels and select New.

Broadcast Channels New

Choose a section tag or multiple section tags to broadcast content with those tags to a specific Facebook or Twitter account.

Broadcast Channels Sections

 Select the Facebook or Twitter account to which you would like to Broadcast the content. Click Save when done.

Broadcast Channels Account Sections