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BLOX Total CMS  provides powerful tools to create once and publish for print, online, and mobile.  For more BLOX Total CMS information that pertains to all of BLOX Total CMS including the Admin Interface and Software Applications like Page Tracker, Assignments, and InDesign Settings, Click Here.

There are two options for BLOX Total CMS:


BLOX Total CMS Installation Options Comparison Chart

Topic Installation with Appliance Installation without Appliance (Hosted) Description
Appliance Setup costs X There is no appliance to configure on the local network. Thus the hosted version saves that expense. There are still set up costs, but they are not as extensive as with an appliance.
Access to Legacy Archives for use as siblings, children, etc. A real advantage for BLOX Total CMS Hosted sites is the ability to use all assets on your hosted BLOX CMS site as full assets. Appliance based BLOX Total CMS can acquire links to them via the Syndication tool, but the web-site experience is more engaging with the full asset instead of a link.
Accessible from anywhere (with internet access) X Reporters and editors using the browser interface and write and edit anywhere there is internet access. No VPN is requried. Appliances, in contrast, are usually kept securely cordened off inside a firewall which would typically require VPN for access.
Automatic Upgraded X The BLOX CMS database, Syndication Tool, Associated Press, Page Tracker, etc. are all updagraded automatically without the need for local interaction.
Best for a Digital First workflow X Absolutely
Instant Publishing to Online X No need to wait for syndication to duplicate to the hosted environment. Great for breaking news.
Less to maintain X No appliance. Only a local file server has to be maintained.
Ease of access for reporters and editors using a Regional Design Center X Design centers do not have to establish a WAN nor VPN access to allow reporters or editors access to the content. Internet access is all they need.
Single System X BLOX Total CMS Hosted is a single system. Users have access to everything at all times. Appliance based BLOX Total CMS create assets locallally and those are duplicated via Syndication onto the hosted BLOX CMS. That syndication process has a build in lag time of approximately 5 minutes.
Does not require separate file server X BLOX Total CMS Hosted sites will still need a file server for storage of Adobe InDesign pages, links for images, text, and ads. Appliance sites use the appliance for this.
Local Control of Upgrade Schedule BLOX Total CMS Hosted sites are updated on the standard hosted update schedule and all hosted sites get updates automatically and without the ability for a site to delay and update. Appliance based sites determine when they wish to update. If the site wants full control, appliance based BLOX Total CMS is the best route.
Local Redundancy & Disaster Recovery X Sites control locations and access to redundant appliances and Disaster Recovery location. This is very important for sites that have a tendency to lose internet access for any length of time.
Localized System Monitoring X Appliance Monitoring is controlled by the site.
Superior Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy Performance X Accessing the CMS locally will always be a faster experience than communicating with a remote CMS.
Speed to Place Assets on Adobe InDesign Pages X Always faster with an appliance
Speed to Update CMS with content from Adobe InDesign Pages X Always faster with an appliance
Standalone WFM AP Agent (through Appliance OS 2.18.0) X Sites that wish to access Associated Press and other content fed from Associated press can continue to use the AP Web Feed Manager Agent on appliances up to version 2.18.0 of the OS. After that, they can run the WFM Agent on a stand alone box. BLOX Total CMS Hosted sites and sites without WFM Agent use syndication channels.
TownNews supports File Server X Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy require access to a file server. Appliance based BLOX Total CMS always have access to the appliance based file server which TownNews maintains.
Works without Internet Access X Without a doubt the most important decision when selecting the platform for BLOX Total CMS is the reliability of your internet access. If you access is spotty, slow, or in any way not 100% reliable, you need Appliance based BLOX Total CMS. Print deadlines are real.
Access to Associated Press Agate and some Piggyback services X With Appliance based BLOX Total CMS you will have direct access to any item that you have entitlements for from The Associated Press. And they will be available sooner as syndication channels update slower without an appliance. In addition, third party services can't be piggybacked without an appliance.
Search Associated Press with Slug X Slug searching in the Syndication Tool for Associated Press, and other channels, is only available on Appliance
BLOX Total CMS Client can be automatically updated X Starting with Appliance OS 2.17.0, the BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy can be updated automatically with every appliance updated. BLOX Total CMS Hosted users will need to manually update the client similar to the appliance users prior to Appliance OS 2.17.0.
Limit Update of Online Assets X In BLOX Total CMS Hosted, if an asset is online, all updates are sent online. This includes minor edits that might be undesirable to post online until the workflow process has finished. In Appliance based BLOX Total CMS, workflows can prevent syndication ensuring that only the completed version is sent online.
Allows Adobe InDesign to Auto Switch between Domains X Allows Regional Design Centers to switch between domains by switching between pages.
Asset editing speed X X Once the assets are open, all systems are fast.
Browser Performance X X Once the assets are open, all systems are fast.
Interface with various Ad Layout systems X X BLOX Total CMS support a multitude of Ad Layout Systems. No difference between Appliance based BLOX Total CMS and BLOX Total CMS Hosted in support. Only different is where the ads might be saved.
Live e-edition segmenting X X Both systems support the creation of segments to Live e-Editions.
Multiple levels of Redundancy X X Both systems support multiple levels of redundundancy for CMS assets.
NITF Export X X Both systems can support NITF versions of export for archive systems. Multiple configuration options for both, but they are not quite equal.
Page Tracker X X Both systems fully support Page Tracker and include Budgeting and Assignments
Publish to All Platforms X X Both systems support all publishing methods.
TN on-site training costs X X On-site training costs for both systems would be the same. Appliance installation costs is exchanged for a much smaller domain configuration fee with BLOX Total CMS Hosted.