This release of TotalCMS 2.28 includes an update of Blox Core to 1.50.2, and a big update to the syndication system to provide parity between the old AP "webfeeds" integration and the new AP Media API integration.


From this version, 2.28, and on, only AP channels using the new Media API will be available. It is STRONGLY encouraged that all customers be prepared to upgrade to version 2.28 at a minimum by the end of 2020, as the "legacy" AP webfeeds method will be shut down by AP on Dec 31, 2020.

You will need to contact your TownNews dedicated account manager or AP and request a Media API key and then set up a new AP Media API channel and importers. The "new" is the Associated Press with the black AP icon. See this link for more information on how to make this conversion.


Major Included Packages

  • BLOX CMS version 1.50.2 (from 1.48.6)
  • Syndicate 1.23 (from 1.22.3)
  • AP 4.17.0 (from 4.16.3)
  • Client 5.42.21

BLOX CMS version 1.49.0-1.50.2

Minor changes:

  • With this release, we have made a significant improvement to our BLOX Notifier platform. First, we have changed the way BLOX CMS handles the Message and Title fields. The headline on articles will now populate in the Message field, leaving the Title field for labels such as Breaking News and Featured. This was requested by many sites and makes the functionality more in line with how other notification systems operate. Second, we have fixed the bug where the Title field would not remain blank. You can now leave this empty if you do not want bold lead-in text. (TNCMS-7171)

Full release notes:

1.49.0 -

1.50.0 -


Syndicate 1.23

Major change:

This version implements the needed ability for users to query AP content by print depth. This is based off of the same method that was previously used for legacy AP. Please note that you should always specify a minimum and maximum depth to ensure correct results.

Full release notes:

AP 4.17

Major change:

Legacy AP channels can no longer be created. The remaining choice, which is still labelled as "beta", is the new Media API method, which is the new method of creating channels. It requires a Media API key, which can be provided either by your dedicated account manager, or by contacting AP directly. You will need to create the new channel, then export your category map, import to the new channel, then re-create all of your legacy importers using the new channel. See this link for more information on how to make this conversion.

Client 5.42.21

Release notes for this version can be found here: