Overview of Included Software Packages

  • BLOX CMS 1.35.6
  • Syndication Tool 1.11.0
  • Associated Press 4.11.0
  • Page Tracker 1.3.3
  • OS Tools
  • BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy version 5.18.1-15

BLOX Total CMS version 1.35.6-6

The core BLOX CMS has been updated on the appliance from 1.33.7-3. This includes the following improvements, features, and bug fixes:


Appliance-based BLOX Total CMS now supports the Article Designer or 'Storytelling Tools'. Learn more about them here and here.

To fully support these, you need to be using the a version of the BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign and InCopy that support these new features. Older versions might leave these items as code or completely strip them upon translation or write-back.


The icon for adding semantic analysis based keywords has moved from the editing panel to the Keywords tab. 

The BLOX Go interface (also available in appliance mode) supports more flags. 

The User account setting now has a Title field.

Job Title

The BLOX Total CMS client does not support the title field as it is not considered a printable entity.  

You can now batch upload whenever adding related assets. You can also batch upload to a collection asset. 

Child image batch upload
Collection Batch Upload

The data block upload size for appliance-based BLOX Total CMS has been reverted from 100MiB back down to 4MiB to prevent timeout problems on slow networks. Note, this is image size but a chunk of the data for images, videos, etc. Smaller chunks are more likely to make is successfully on slow networks. 

NITF exports now contain the canonical URL.

NITF Import Jobs can now support more features of the NITF format.


The Log viewer, used for troubleshooting, had issues when the last record had no time stamp. This has been fixed.

The Last Modified column in the Search Results sometimes displayed undefined if the update wasn't performed by an actual user. This has been fixed. Updates not performed by actual users are now are now listed with an empty result in the Last Modified column. 

Some Videos would not convert to a BLOX Total CMS video asset because of an odd audio bit rate. This has been fixed.

Syndication Tool version 1.11.0 

The Syndication Tool functions have been updated to include versions 1.8.0 through 1.11.0. This includes the following changes. 


The Syndication Tool now supports a new 'wire' feed from CNN. 

CNN wire tool

RSS feeds now support GeoRSS tags during importing. This then feeds the editorial asset's latitude and longitude fields. That then allows the asset to be displayed with map information or other location tags if the website supports its inclusion. 


More RSS and ATOM feeds support showing asset previews. 

RSS feeds now support setting start times and delete times.

Associated Press version 4.11

The version of the Associated Project included in Appliance OS 2.17.0 is 4.11.0. This is an upgrade from the 4.10.2 version included in Appliance 2.16.0. Included changes are listed below.


When importing assets from Associated Press, you can now see the keywords from AP listed. And if you aren't using the 'Preserve originals' option, keywords that won't be preserved will be shown in gray. Any that you want to remove can be deselected.

AP Keywords


When assets from Associated Press have underscores (_) they are now converted automatically to em-dashes (—). TownNews checked this against several different BLOX Total CMS rulesets and didn't see where this would cause any issues other than a modification to the Hyperlinks ruleset.

AP Hyperlink

However, if you experience problems, please contact customer support at https://crm.tn-cloud.net/contactlogin/ 

In the past, it was not uncommon for the AP produced subheadline to match the headline. In reality, AP didn't send an actual subheadline, but instead several different headlines. We used to provide a subheadline from one of those fields, but occasionally it was sent from AP matching the one we use for headlines. Thus, the two matched. This will no longer happen. If the two match, we will not populate the subheadline field.

An option to set a default workflow for AP content is now available in the Syndication Tool. 

AP Wire Tool workflow

For importers, the workflow must be selected in the ui.

AP Importer workflow


There was a bug with the AP processes taking too long to process files. This caused it to lose communication with the database used by the syndication tool and bad things happened. This has been corrected.

Page Tracker 1.3.3

Page Tracker has been updated to version 1.3.3 from 1.2.0 in Appliance OS 2.16.0. The differences are outlined below.


Page Tracker now supports sending PDFs and Segmenting Information for Live e-Editions when BLOX Total CMS is operated from an Appliance or when it is running in a hosted environment.


Purging of Page Tracker assets and Assignments has been returned to the Appliance. The internal mechanisms have been changed to allow the purging to operate using the same internal mechanisms as normal BLOX Total CMS Assets. Purge Schedules for each are in the Application Settings for each. By default, the purge of each is OFF, but there are performance gains to be made by purging old assets.


There is now a working method to disable the purging of Page Tracker assets and Assignments. 

There was a bug in the Clone Site tool that allows a domain on one appliance to be moved to another appliance that prevented the function when rulesets were empty. This has been corrected.

Other Included Packages

The following background packages are included in Appliance OS 2.17.0-6

  • UDLoader 2.1.0 includes an improvement to the logging of the user (usually the system user) of assets created by importing.
  • UDParsers version 1.8.0 primarily involves housecleaning to remove unused libraries.
  • Location 1.0.0 changed how geographic locations are determined. It now includes access to Canadian zip codes among other changes.
  • Framework 1.36.1 fixes some auto links problems particularly video embeds. 
  • TNSOLR 1.14.0 corrected several minor internal issues.
  • FIELD59 0.6.0 changes how those assets are saved in BLOX Total CMS.
  • POPPLER 0.51.0 was included to include the latest release. 

Appliance Specific Changes


The Replication function will now alert Admin staff even when replication is disabled. This is important because some Appliance OS updates require a disabling and a restarting after the update. Unfortunately, some Admin staff failed to restart and had no replications being performed.

A change was made to ensure that there is information to send alert e-mails to Admin staff. 


MySQL which we use for various small databases on the Appliance has been updated to version 5.7.18. 

Appliance Updates now include Client updates

Appliance OS Update 2.17.0 includes a recent BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy. Specifically, it includes Client 5.18.01-15. The 5.18.1-15 is an appliance-specific release and matches the final 5.17.x version. You can view the release notes for that version here

To use this, have your users' shortcut point to:

\\ vip \ tcms_indesign_client \ ActiveVersion

Note: that tcms_indesign_client is a hidden directory. You can navigate to it, but you won't see it when looking at your virtual IP address or the dns name for it. 

Then as the appliance code gets updated, the Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy users will automatically get updated client software. The advantage is completely automatic client updates. For sites that have a hard time keeping the client code updated, this is an ideal solution. In addition, the version sent with the appliance updates will be completely QA tested.

If you want cutting edge features or fast bug fixes, the existing path to the beta (not fully QA tested) versions is how you should continue to go. Those release notes are posted at help.bloxcms.com and updates come out anywhere from a couple of times a day to a couple of times a month depending upon what items are being worked on. For example, the Story Telling features started being supported in the 5.19.x versions of the client but as those features changed in hosted our BLOX Total CMS client support had to change. Then once CMS 1.35 was released to appliance further testing found issues that got addressed in the current client as the prior versions had already been closed to go to QA.