This release of TotalCMS 2.25 is a minor update that corrects some bugs and introduces a slew of improvements, as well as implementing a new page design feature for sites using Creative Cloud and InCopy.

Major Included Packages

  • BLOX CMS version 1.46.2 (from 1.44.4)
  • BLOX Total CMS Client for Adobe InCopy and Adobe InDesign version 5.40.02 (from 5.37)
  • Syndicate 1.19 (from 1.18.1)

BLOX CMS version 1.44.5-1.46.2


  • When uploading photos via the "batch uploading" process within the BLOX admin, the slug name of an image will now be set to the images file basename the same way it does in a single batch upload. (TNCMS-6766)
  • We have restored the ability to create PDF assets when batch uploading PDF files. Previously, File assets with a subtype of PDF were created. This will be reverted in the future when full support is available to move solely to File assets with different subtypes. (TNCMS-1.46.2)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several issues with saving and sending Notifications on appliance. (TNCMS-6940, TNCMS-7014)
  • The Post-by-email service frequency has been corrected from 15 minutes to every 1 minute. (TNCMS-6761)
  • Corrected an issue that caused an admin user with a restricted set of section tags being unable to save an asset. (TNCMS-7013)


  • The Media Library, featured in Blox CMS 1.45.0 is not available for appliance users. This is intentional, though may be considered in the future if a use case is made.

Full release notes:

1.45.0 -

1.46.2 -


BLOX Total CMS Client for Adobe InCopy and Adobe InDesign version 5.37-5.40.x

IMPORTANT: Please note that due to the AP Agate changes, most customers are currently using a newer version of the client in the 5.41 series.

Full release notes for client 5.40, with links to older and newer versions can be found here:


Bug Fix) If an asset's frameSet has no default frame (because of ruleset based translation, a user's choices, or some freak of nature), the asset, logically, would not check out. But there was no notice to the user about why it would not check out. Depending upon the method that was used to break the asset's frameSet, the asset will now automatically release or the user will receive a dialog indicating that the asset will be released. JIRA INDESIGN-860

No Default Frame Warning

If you remove a default frame, you will now get a warning similar to this. 

Improvement) You can now approve or cancel Page Tracker output after viewing the PDF in Adobe Acrobat when your output preferences include <approveFirst>true</approveFirst>. This works only with PageTracker output (because Page Tracker Output with the <chain> option is the most efficient output option and is thus our recommended method for final output to PDF). JIRA INDESIGN-1918

Bug Fix) Dead Jumps did not support jumping do a page whose do that was combined when the browser-based preferences were configured for Cross-Platform Links. This has been corrected and either setting will allow dead jumping. JIRA INDESIGN-1935

New Output Feature) Sites that need to output certain publications to specific output locations can now use a <validPublications>pubcode1, pubcode2, pubcode</validPublications> construct in their output method or output menu group. Then, when outputting a document with BLOX Total CMS > Documents > Output > _group_ > _method_ if a document with an unlisted publication code is active, the user will be warned. The default choice in the warning dialog will be to cancel the output. JIRA INDESIGN-2559

Major Hyperlink Improvement) Because of an Adobe InDesign limitation, a URL in a hyperlink could only be used a single time in a document. Multiple uses caused Adobe InDesign to be unable to locate the details of the hyperlink and the BLOX Total CMS client would then throw an error. The BLOX Total CMS client has been completely changed how these links are handled. We now generate unique names for each of the links so that Adobe InDesign won't be confused. Thus, now the same URL can be used up to 100 times in the same document. If you are seeing a dialog similar to the ones below, you need to update to client 5.39.07 or newer JIRA INDESIGN-2601

Hyperlink Export Prolbme.png

Important Adobe InCopy Assignment Bug Fix) Prior to this revision if you were using a version of the BLOX Total CMS client with the Settings and Support dialog, and the browser-based settings for Auto Assignment Creation: was set to false, it would disable the user's ability to Create Assignments Automatically. This has been fixed. A false value in the browser will no longer force a false value in Adobe InDesign. However, a true value in the browser will always enable the Adobe InCopy support and turn on Auto Create Assignments. JIRA INDESIGN-2625

Asset Manager Improvement) For all users of Adobe InCopy and Adobe InDesign there are now separate options in BLOX Total CMS > Update and Reset to Reset the Asset Manager's Size and Position as well as its Preferences. In the past, these options were combined and this meant that resetting the user's Asset Manager Preferences to fix an issue where they moved it to a non-displayable area caused them to lose their data and column positions. JIRA INDESIGN-2629

Reset Position and Size Menu Option.png

Hyperlink Translation Changes and Improvements) The Creative Cloud 2019 versions of Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy have a bug with the internal results for locating hyperlinks. The end result is that they were returning one character too few and then our BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy then made the hyperlinks one character too short. We had assumed it was an issue with the hyperlinks themselves, but instead, the bug is really with the results of finding text. We have worked around this two different ways. The most important way is that we now require the LINK Character Style to be applied to the text when translating hyperlinks in assets. The LINK Character Style does NOT have to have any formatting and generally it is a clone of the [None] Character Style. But this allows us to then find the text style range of this character style and grab all of the text. This also prevents a write-back problem where Adobe InDesign offers to the BLOX Total CMS client multiple hyperlinks in the story. Using a Character Style pretty much guarantees that we get one link and they write back correctly. JIRA INDESIGN-2657


Syndicate 1.19.1

Major changes:

This version implements a number of changes related to storage and updating of YouTube assets.

Bug fix:

We corrected a bug that was causing a failure when searching for print-only AP content. (SYNDICATE-374)

Full release notes:

*********** NOTICE OF END OF LIFE ***********

Effective Jan 8, 2019 TownNews will be ending software development for for our legacy HP class server appliances with model numbers P1-1300, P1-3000, and P2-3000. 

TownNews now offers newer Total CMS options such as VMWare, Hosted, and appliance models M2-3000 and P3-11000 which offer superior performance and flexibility.

Total CMS OS version 2.22.0 will be the final software update available to these platforms. Customers support for BLOX Total CMS will continue to be available for customers using the EOL models until June 3, 2019.

For more information on the Total CMS options available, please contact your TownNews sales person.