BLOX Total CMS works with the following versions of Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy:

  • The most recent version of Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud
    (in-case we haven't updated this document)
  • Creative Cloud 2018.1 (recommended as of 2018.09.18)
  • Creative Cloud 2015.2
  • Creative Cloud
  • CS6
  • CS 5.5
  • CS5

Be wary of Auto Updates of Creative Cloud

Some sites have opted to enable automatic updating of the Creative Cloud versions. This makes sense because the licensing allows you to have the latest features without any additional cost. And it is reasonably easy to configure. 

However, on two different occasions with CC 2015, and newer, the updates, sites have had issues that negatively impacted users. One CC 2015 version had bugs with Adobe InCopy and another failed to launch at certain sites. Thus, please exercise caution with the automatic CC updates. Allow a single user to test before updating the entire user base. 

Windows 10 and Adobe InDesign CS6 (and older)

Don't go there. Adobe does NOT recommend it and the sites that tried quickly converted to Creative Cloud.

End of Life for CS5 and CS 5.5

Please note that while we fully support Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy versions CS 5.5 and CS5, Adobe themselves do not support those versions with the latest operating systems. In particular they do not run, nor will they be updated to run, with OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) or newer. For more information see: