5.29.01-4 Released 2018.04.09

Feature Change) A prior version of the BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign added a requested new feature that allowed processed Edition files to be automatically moved to their Backups folder after processing. One site didn't like this feature. This feature also required the maintenance of the static.out file which causes the Ad Statuses dialog to automatically open. For a different site that doesn't allow the newsroom staff to see Ad Statuses this too was unliked. We have now added support for installing a backupEditionFiles.disabled file to disable this feature at those two sites, or any other site that chooses not to keep their Advertising folder clean. JIRA INDESIGN-2132

5.29.01-3 Released 2018.03.29

UI Improvement) There are three dialogs where Asset Priority values could be entered. Unfortunately, no limits were placed on what could be added to those fields and thus some priority settings were lost. Now only numeric priority values between 0 and 9999 (inclusive) can be used in addition to clearing the field value completely. JIRA INDESIGN-1989

Minor UI change) Assets in use were previously listed as being in use in the 'Web Editor'. This has been changed to say 'BLOX Total CMS Browser Interface'. JIRA INDESIGN-1995

Minor UI Change) We have hidden some of the unnecessary scrollbars within some of the displayed text fields in the Asset Details dialog and the dialog that is displayed when overriding the file references of assets. JIRA INDESIGN-2059

Major User Interface Change) Much of the BLOX Total CMS menu in Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy can not be user configured. Configuration options are now available in a new dialog at BLOX Total CMS > Settings and Support... Besides hiding/showing menu options, that dialog also allows common items like Ad Statuses or Documents to be moved higher in the menu. As part of these changes, the litany of items at BLOX Total CMS > Options have been moved to this same Settings and Support... dialog or an easier to use BLOX Total CMS > Update and Reset sub-menu. JIRA INDESIGN-2094 INDESIGN-2097

New Feature) The Update options formerly at BLOX Total CMS > Options > Update... have been moved to their own stand alone BLOX Total CMS > Update and Reset sub-menu. This new sub-menu adds a new Update All... function that does the clears all cached settings and updates everything with the current values. Resetting the Asset Manager has moved to this sub-menu. It also includes a new option to completely reset the user preferences. JIRA INDESIGN-2095

New Feature) As part of the new Settings and Support dialog, there is a tab specifically for Support. This has the list of support documents on the local appliance as well as links to the BLOX Total CMS help site and to file a support ticket. There is a button for BLOX Total CMS help site and access to all the local PDFs. Also included is quick links to the locations where you can find the logs created by the BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy. JIRA INDESIGN-2096

Major Internal Change) We used to keep many of the user preferences in the global namespace and in properties of the domain. In essence, we replicated these settings. That took memory away from Adobe InDesign and provided an inconsistent framework for the client software. This has been changed internally and now only transient settings are kept in the global namespace. Users should notice no issues. JIRA INDESIGN-2108

Grammar Fix) We have corrected the display of Log In and Log Out to indicate the verb from of these two actions. Previously we displayed the noun forms. JIRA INDESIGN-2109

Prior Versions:

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