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The release notes for the next version (5.38.x) of the BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy are here.

5.37.12-12 Released 2019.08.27

Internal Change) Downloading of Geometry Items within Adobe InCopy now uses a different internal method to decompress the .zip compressed assignment files because our original method was incompatible with some Windows-based sites. This change doesn’t affect anyone yet because the feature is waiting on an Appliance update to become activated. JIRA INDESIGN-2399

Internal Change) We modified the way we encode the list of publication codes when saving geometry items. Nobody will notice the change as the feature is awaiting an appliance update to become activated. JIRA INDESIGN-2449

5.37.12-8 Released 2019.08.19

Bug Fix) The Edit in Geometry function in Adobe InCopy was failing to read the publication codes from Page Tracker. This is now fixed. No sites were impacted as nobody was using this new function yet. JIRA INDESIGN-2399

5.37.12-4 Released 2019.08.01

Bug Fix) A prior version reintroduced a bug which prevented image statuses from showing all its controls. This has been fixed. JIRA INDESIGN-444 and INDESIGN-2597

Bug Fix) Dead Jumps did not support jumping do a page whose do that was combined when the browser-based preferences were configured for Cross-Platform Links. This has been corrected and either setting will allow dead jumping. JIRA INDESIGN-1935

Distributed Production Enhancement) We had to slightly modify the prior support for saving snippets to the CMS for use with Distributed Production to enable some upgraded features in PageTracker. Page Tracker version 1.12 shipping to online any day now will support this. The appliance gets it with version 2.25. JIRA INDESIGN-2449

5.37.12-3 Released 2019.07.30

Bug Fix) Dead Jumps did not support jumping do a page whose do that was combined when the browser-based preferences were configured for Cross-Platform Links. This has been corrected and either setting will allow dead jumping. JIRA INDESIGN-1935

Bug Fix) A bug was preventing some sites from being able to export images from the Image Statuses dialog. This has been corrected. JIRA INDESIGN-2594

Translation Improvements for support of new AP Sports Agate Feeds) We've added a translation feature to remove the class tags from AP's Table based agate. The new feature would be called by using <&classWarfare:()>. No arguments are needed. This is used by our new ruleset support for these AP sports agate item because AP is killing the legacy feeds we, and other, used for printing sports agate. Similarly, we added a <&idWarfare:()> unction to remove ID tags from the raw HTML of assets. In addition, we added a new function to move the table footer to its proper location under the table body instead of under the table header. Finally, we provided a simpler method to call the recombineInningsPitched function. Rather than needed to use it in a call via <&site:(recombineInningsPitched)> it can be handled like this: <&recombineInningsPitched:()> JIRA INDESIGN-2595

Bug Fix) One site had a problem opening Image Statuses after switching domains. This issue has been fixed. It is unlikely to have affected any other sites. JIRA INDESIGN-2597

5.37.10-12 Released 2019.07.11

Improvement) Dead Jumps can now be placed on multi-page documents. While it is downright weird to dead jump from your own document, it might be very desirable to accept a dead jump from another document even though your document might have several pages combined in the same document, as those combined pages might use normal dynamic jumping. JIRA INDESIGN-1935

Bug Fix) Adobe InCopy and Adobe InDesign CS 5.5 users had their settings for BLOX Total CMS mistakenly configured to the CS5 folder. This has been corrected. This only affects troubleshooting. JIRA INDESIGN-2585

Bug Fix) Placing Dead Jumps was causing one of two bad things were happening. If the user placed a dead jump into an existing frame, the frame would get collapsed and moved to the upper-left of the page. If the user drew a frame with the Place Gun, then the columns didn't get split and the Continued and Jump Head didn't get added. Both bugs have been fixed. JIRA INDESIGN-2582

5.37.09 Released 2019.06.25

Bug Fix) If a user attempted to merge an asset onto the end of an existing checked-in asset. An internal error would be thrown but the user was not notified that the asset wasn't merged. This has been changed and the user will not be presented with a clear dialog explaining that the asset was not merged. JIRA INDESIGN-858

Minor Logging Fix) There are cases where checking for Document Jumps was logging warning messages but without any details about the actual issue. This has been changed and the log now lists the document in question and some additional details. Users will not notice any difference, but this minor change might make future debugging of issues easier. JIRA INDESIGN-1825

Jumps Verification) There was a report that jumping stories with inline notes caused the jumps to hang. We have verified that this does not happen. JIRA INDESIGN-2141

Bug Fix) A recent bug fix for adding all styles prevented the normal use of automatically adding missing styles during translation to break. Manually adding the missing style would allow the translation to complete during subsequent placement. This has been corrected. In addition, a different change prevented the Template Master's use of Add Missing Styles from organizing the styles properly. This too has been fixed. Finally, it was discovered that when adding object styles, some object styles would not get added because of an internal error with the parsing of object styles. This too has been corrected. JIRA INDESIGN-2577

5.37.08 Released 2019.06.24

Minor Bug Fix) The client code has a cleanup function where it will remove the legacy .version files once every 1000 or so launches. This works fine on legacy installs, but it failed to work with installs using the currently recommended practice of the tcms_indesign_client ActiveVersion symbolic link. This has been fixed. JIRA INDESIGN-2410

Minor change) We modified the code that uploads snippet previews to Page Tracker so that it would alert the users when their site had not yet received the update to Page Tracker that enables this feature. JIRA INDESIGN-2449

Bug Fix) Several months ago exporting snippets started also exporting snippet previews for use in some future functions. Unfortunately, the preview function generated an error when the snippet contained certain graphics such as .eps files. This has been fixed and errors are no longer thrown. JIRA INDESIGN-2542

PCAB Obit Change) The requesting site requested a change to the encoding of the quotes in the names of the deceased. This has been accomplished. JIRA INDESIGN-2573

5.37.07 Released 2019.06.18

Template Master Bug Fix) A prior fix to the Add Missing Styles function caused an occasional error. This has been fixed and all styles used by the rulesets should not be added. JIRA INDESIGN-2466

5.37.06 Released 2019.06.12

New Feature) If a site uses Page Tracker and has a Pages workflow with 4 or more Processes, pages will now automatically have their workflow advanced from the 1st workflow process to the second when the first asset is placed on the page. JIRA INDESIGN-1941

5.37.05 Released 2019.05.31

Snippet Export Bug Fix) The Option to Set All File References to Match should have been UNchecked by default for Page Design Snippets. But it was instead defaulting to checked. This has been fixed. For Page Design Snippets, the option should be available, but default to UNchecked. For Design Element snippets it should default to checked. JIRA INDESIGN-2488

Important Write-back Bug Fixed) A client reported that when they used trimming on bylines on the Adobe InDesign page, or in Adobe InCopy, the content of the byline was removed in the CMS's version of the asset. While users should not trim things such as bylines, taglines, subheadlines, within the main story frame, (just delete what you don't want), the removing of the content in the CMS was wrong. This has been fixed. Now if you decide to trim Bylines in the main story frame, they will not be deleted. Note, however, that any edits to these items will not be written back because only the Body Copy field supports trimming. So the trimmed content is removed from things like Bylines because it isn't supported. Thus, if you wanted to edit the byline in Adobe InDesign or InCopy, edit it and force a Save Content PRIOR to trimming it. JIRA INDESIGN-2531

PCAB Obituaries Change) PCAB output of obituaries will now generate a completely fake ad number when the obituaries are entered into BLOX Total CMS incorrectly. In addition, the name of the deceased will be truncated to the first 40 characters and allow special characters to pass through. JIRA INDESIGN-2540

New Template Master Option for Exporting Jump Heads) When exporting jump items, you can now have the Jump Head items be a single frame with the keyword, head, and prior page (continued from) information. This applies the object style last so it will be handling all paragraph formatting – i.e. Make sure you configure Next Style appropriately. In addition, the export process allows the frame to be set to auto adjust its height. This will also happen if no height it included in the .json version of the head file. JIRA INDESIGN-2556

Bug Fix) An internal code error was being thrown when working with multipage documents. The error didn't appear to cause any harm, but it would have slowed down Adobe InDesign and its users. This has been corrected. JIRA INDESIGN-2557

Spawn Template Enhancement) The Spawn Template function now removes any applied Page Content Types from the pages of the master document and thus from the Template File. Properly maintained, there shouldn't be Page Content Types applied to the Master Documents, but it is possible to test them which allows them to remain prior to this enhancement. JIRA INDESIGN-2563

New Output Feature) You can now specify to allow any of the Printer's Marks that the Adobe PDF Presets support. Normally all Printer's marks are disabled when using a PDF or Page Tracker. To use this new feature you need an Adobe PDF Preset that is not used by any other output menu group or method if it doesn't also include the new <allowPrintersMarks>true to get marks on yours PDFs JIRA INDESIGN-2564

5.37.04 Released 2019.05.22

Bug Fix) The PCAB export of obituaries listed the height in points instead of inches as requested. This has been fixed. JIRA INDESIGN-2540

5.37.03 Released 2019.05.22

Bug Fix) Sometime recently the Dead Jump function broke and exported the Dead Jumps to the wrong folder. This caused them to not be found and thus not placable. This has been fixed. In addition, to aid the troubleshooting of a site's issues with dead jumps, we now log significantly more information. JIRA INDESIGN-2546

5.37.02 Released 2019.05.21

Jump Turnline Export Bug Fix) At some point recently, the exporting of Jump Turnlines broke because a variable name had a typo. This resulted in the turnline exporting an empty .json file, but without any warnings. And when trying to jump, the turnline would fail to place, but again no warnings would be issued. The exporting of an empty file has been fixed and any errors with exporting the turnline are now explained to the user and logged. JIRA INDESIGN-2522

Bug Fix) A late change in the new feature to find and include Obituaries in the PCAB files caused an internal error to be generated instead of the export. This has been fixed. JIRA INDESIGN-2540

5.37.01 Released 2019.05.14

New Feature) For sites running BLOX Total CMS without pooled appliances, we now have a way to inject additional domains into the available domains returned when first logging in. This allows if the users have matching account information on the extra domains, the ability to switch domains across data centers. For example, this allows sites to swap between domains in our New York and Chicago data centers or between appliances that aren't currently pooled. Basically, if you can ping BLOX Total CMS without changing networking, you can now switch between domains effortlessly. The change requires this client version or newer and a reworked servers.jsx file. Please contact support for details. JIRA INDESIGN-2554.

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