5.45.06 Released 2020.12.11

Page Color Ad Fix) Some recent version of the BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign caused adding Page Color Labels to pages to remove the .adinfo for those pages and effectively caused all the ads to be considered a ...manually placed ad... This has been fixed. JIRA INDESIGN-2864

Bug Fix for Logging in with Appliance Pools) Our one site with appliance pools encountered an internal error in the login code during the login where a user had accounts on some appliances and/or servers, but not all. This bug has been fixed and logging in should now work regardless of the number of accounts enabled on the pooled appliances and/or servers. JIRA INDESIGN-3096

Bug Fix when canceling Log In) For users who have multiple domains that they can log into, the select initial site dialog has a {{Log Out}} button. But clicking that button would proceed to display two more dialogs. One of those dialogs would complain of an undefined site. This has been fixed and no additional dialogs are now displayed when clicking the {{Log Out}} button. JIRA INDESIGN-3097

Select Initial Site.png

This is one of two dialogs that users with access to multiple domains will see during the Log In process. 

Can not login to undefined

Clicking Log Out when asked to select an initial site used to take the user to this dialog. Log Out no longer triggers this warning and the dialog's grammer has been corrected. If you see this dialog, you need to update your client software to 5.45.06 or newer. 

5.45.05 Released 2020.12.10

Major Bug Fix for a Long-Standing Issue with Write-Back of Assets with Inline Assets) We had a report from a site that indicated that, for them, if an article asset also had some inline assets that large quantities of the paragraphs of the article asset would disappear in the story after write-back. We tracked the issue down to the site specifying both a Start tag replace and an End tag replace for a paragraph style in the Export ruleset and a related bug in the BLOX Total CMS client software for Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy that was removing the paragraphs. Here is an example of a rule that could cause the removal of text:

Rule for Breaking Export of Inline Assets

That sample uses an HTML note to record the paragraph style, but rather than doing just the start or the end, it does both. While marking both ends might have been necessary a decade ago, it hasn't been necessary for many years. In every case we could imagine, only one of those tags was necessary. However, when both tags were present, the BLOX Total CMS client was removing multiple paragraphs of text during write-back following an inline asset. If the inline asset was first in the text, then the entire article might disappear during write-back. We have fixed the offending part of the write-back code that was removing these double-tagged paragraphs. JIRA INDESIGN-3088

Logging Fix) We had a few users notice that the User_Logs and Error_Logs were copied to the dated folder in tcms_purged from when the user first launched Adobe InDesign and not the date that matches the current time. This has been fixed so that, for example, if you launch Adobe InDesign or Adobe InCopy on the 12th but quit or error on the 13th without quitting in between, the log will be copied to the folder for the 13th. JIRA INDESIGN-3094

Important Workaround for Sending Segments to Live e-Editions when Sending Advertiser information) There was a long-standing bug in the processing of segments that affected a handful of sites. This issue is that if the site was configured to send ad information to Page Tracker with the page segmenting and if one of the ads had an advertiser id that contained an ampersand, the ampersand would break Page Tracker's processing of the segment information but return an incorrect status message that indicated that all was OK. Consequently, when Page Tracker forwarded the segmenting to Live e-Edition the best it would have was a full-page segment from when the edition was created while other pages might have been properly segmented. To work around this issue, the BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign now encodes the ampersands and other special characters so that Page Tracker can process them. If you occasionally have Live e-Edition pages with this issue, you should update to this version of the client. JIRA INDESIGN-3095

5.45.04 Released 2020.12.08

Modification for File References) Prior to this version of the BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign, file references could only be set on frames that held content. In addition, previously, it was possible to export a snippet and have a file reference attached to non-content holding frames. Those extra items with file references could make some segments overly large for live e-Edition. To fix those snippets when re-exported, you can now select non-content holding items, such as horizontal and vertical rules or 'boxes' drawn with the Rectangle tool, and apply a different placeholder file reference. To make the items drop out of the list of cutouts sent to live e-Edition, set each non-content frame to a unique file reference. Non-content items without file references can not have file references applied, only existing file references can be changed. JIRA INDESIGN-3038

Bug Fix for Design Element Snippet Export) Since the 5.35.01 version of the client when exporting Design Element Snippets the Set All File References to Match option would do as instructed and set the file references of all selected items to match. This means that non-content design element items such as horizontal and vertical rules or 'boxes' drawn with the Rectangle tool would get file references when they were better off with non. Having multiple items with the same file references can cause large cutout segments to be created. Now, only those items capable of holding content will get their file reference set when exporting snippets with the Set All File References to Match option selected. This feature has been changed to match its original intention of allowing image frames to be set with a matching file reference. In fact, any page item capable of holding content in its current form will get its file reference set. All others will be ignored. JIRA INDESIGN-3038

Export Design Element Snippets with Set All File References to Match.png

Important Change to Hyperlink Write-back) For several years we have gotten occasional and random feedback from sites that occasionally their hyperlinks would throw errors during write-back. In most cases, this was write-back triggered by the site's output preferences requesting a check-in of assets, but it was a write-back issue, not an output issue. The onscreen error might look similar to this one:

Failed to export a hyperlink because Hyperlink destination document not found.png

After lots of testing, we finally were able to replicate the error by moving the asset to a different document and removing access to the original document. It turns out that the Adobe InDesign users at the reporting sites had been moving the content to a different Adobe InDesign document via Copy/Cut and Paste, Clone and Move..., or via the use of BLOX Total CMS > Documents > Combine With / Combine Multiple. That in itself is not a problem. But it is a problem if the original document is no longer available during the write-back. The Combine functions remove the original document(s), but a different user could have the original document open for the other cases. That two-person requirement made this really difficult for the sites to reproduce and explain to us how to reproduce it.

The ultimate problem is that Adobe InDesign stores the hyperlinks in the original document. And during write-back, you can actually watch the original documents being opened, if they are available. But if the original document is not available or busy, the Adobe InDesign Hyperlinks panel will show damaged links like this:

Hyperlink Document Cannot be found Hyperlinks panel.png

At that point, the write-back of the hyperlinks will definitely fail because the links are bad in Adobe InDesign. Whereas the prior versions of the BLOX Total CMS client would have warned with the initial dialog repeatably (sometimes for many minutes), this version now displays a dialog similar to this one just once:

Warning When Moving Text with Hyperlinks.png

Since the hyperlinks are invalid, they will be removed and the write-back will finish rapidly. However, if the links are important, you can restore the asset in the browser interface to a prior revision. This might cause some loss of edits in Adobe InDesign / Adobe InCopy so you will need to evaluate if the edits or the hyperlinks are important to your workflow.

Ultimately, to prevent this problem, you need to make sure that assets with hyperlinks aren't moved to different documents. You can do this by simply placing the assets in the secondary documents as opposed to using Copy/Cut and Paste, Clone and Move... or the Combine functions. JIRA INDESIGN-3093

5.45.03 Released 2020.12.07

PDF Asset Change) A future change within BLOX will change from using PDF assets to using a File asset with a PDF subtype. As PDFs are added as new assets, they will now be file !file.png! assets. To support locating them the Asset Manager in BLOX Total CMS allows searching for File assets. Of the returned file assets in the search results, only the PDFs will be placeable. Support for these assets has been integrated except for the Syndication Tool which is awaiting separate support. JIRA INDESIGN-2570

Minor UI change) The order of the OK and Cancel buttons in the Select Child Assets to Place dialog have been modified to match the host OS's preferences. This means that the order for MacOS users is now proper. JIRA INDESIGN-2570

Edit in Snippet Enhancement) The 5.38.x version of the client added features for the Template Master to export snippets that could be used to edit content in Adobe InCopy and to assign the snippet to an article asset so that the snippet would be automatically placed when the asset was first placed on the page. When that feature was added the depth of the text the snippet could hold was estimated. Now it uses the same Depth Conversion Factor as used in the browser-based editor. Existing snippets used for Geometry based Edition would need to be re-exported to modify the depth. JIRA INDESIGN-3083

Template Master Design Element Snippet Export Bug Fix) During routine testing, we found where frames for snippet creation in the Master Document that used place holder file references were being ignored and couldn't be used for Design Element Snippets. This has been fixed. JIRA INDESIGN-3083

Log In dialog bug fix) If a site has too many entries in their servers.jsx file and then they want to manually enter another address, the field for manually entered wasn't activated. This has been fixed and likely affected no actual sites as few, if any, sites have enough entries to switch the dialog from radio buttons to a menu where the problem occurred. JIRA INDESIGN-3087

5.45.02 Released 2020.12.02

New Output Option) When the chain function was added to speed output, no provisions were added to support sending multiple copies to proof printers. This has been changed. A now supports using , like non-pagetracker output does. You can't add this to the menu group or the chain. It only works on the . Each additional copy will be named with a suffix of an underscore followed by the copy number. For example: _2. Because of the way Page Tracker output works, you might get prompted to specify the number of copies for each page being output in a multi-page document. JIRA INDESIGN-2828

Output Preferences Parsing Change) Prior to this version, you could include an option anywhere in the output preferences and there was no indication when it was being ignored. Now the parsing of the output preferences.xml will place a warning in the log file if is included in an other than Page Tracker or if the domain's browser-based preference is not set to true. This will make troubleshooting slightly easier as NITF export is only functional when using pagetracker. JIRA INDESIGN-2948

Additional Output Naming Option) scripts now have access to three arguments: 1) The original name of the page being output; 2) The primary Page Content Type of the page being output; and 3) The folder path for the page. This third item is based upon both OS and Page Color. Some scripts can be used for exporting to archive folders and this simplifies the specification of those paths. The path is delivered as a string from the ExtendScript Folder Object's .fsName property. JIRA INDESIGN-3023

UI Bug Fix) For users with multiple monitors, it was possible when working with documents with a large number of pages in a single section that all the pages and controls would not be visible in the Page Content Types dialog. This has been fixed. JIRA INDESIGN-3031

Bug Fix) The Page Colors dialog, added in the 5.44.x version of the BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign, could grow too large for the dialog if there were lots of pages in a single section and if the user had multiple monitors and Adobe InDesign was assigned to the smallest of them. This has been corrected. JIRA INDESIGN-3041

Page Colors dialog -- fits

Minor Bug Fix) Client 5.44.03 added a feature to support multiple Ad Layout Formats simultaneously. This was primarily to support the phasing out of the no longer supported by MEI of Ad Force. Ironically, if the choice in Multiple Ad Layout Formats was configured for Ad Force IDF, building a publication with it produced an error. That error has been fixed. JIRA INDESIGN-3066

Bug Fix) The 5.48.08-1 version of the client added a preference to prevent the display of an Incomplete Log In dialog when a user's account is such that they don't have access to one or more domains on is a server pool with multiple domains. Pooled servers are exceptionally rare and primarily only used in larger groups of design centers. But at such a site that limits users' access for a valid reason, they didn't like seeing the informational dialog at each login so we added a Settings and Support option to prevent its display. That feature had a bug in that in certain situations it would prevent login. This has been fixed. JIRA INDESIGN-3085

5.45.01 Released 2020.11.16

Bug Fix) A change in the 5.42.03 version of the client caused an escalation in the power of the in the output preferences XML file for each domain to control cutout generation. This has been fixed. The tag now does the single thing it was originally designed to do: It sends with all advertising based cutouts the advertiser ID if it is known. That ID can come from one of two places: 1) The information transferred from the Edition file (for those few Ad Layout Formats that support it); 2) The Live e-Edition Tagging option, currently, in the menu at BLOX Total CMS > Documents > Advertising > e-Edition Tagging. If for some reason you did not want the ads to behave as cutouts you could change your domain's eEditionPreferences to prevent all cutouts or you can use BLOX Total CMS > Story Flow Options > Exclude From Cutouts... JIRA INDESIGN-3019

Output Preferences Behavior Change) In the past, if you wanted to generate segments for Live e-Editions, you had to set the browser-based preferences so that the e-Edition Coordinates: value to true and you had to have true in your output preferences XML file for each designated output menu group or method. It is no longer necessary to use true in the Output Preferences. You can, however, leave it in place. If you want to prevent e-Edition segmentation for certain outputs use false. JIRA INDESIGN-3019

e-Edition Coordinates.png

Output Preferences Behavior Change) In the past, if you wanted to send ads as cutouts with advertiser IDs you had to both set the browser-based preferences with Send Ads to e-Edition: to true and include true in the output preferences XML file for the designated menu group or method. It is now no longer necessary to use true if the browser-based setting is set to true for the domain, the output preferences will default to that value unless false is used. This only control is if known advertiser ids are sent along with the ad's cutout location to Page Tracker. In Page Tracker the cutout will be labeled with the ad information and it will also be sent to Live e-Edition, if enabled at your site, so that the ads can be linked to a BLOX business directory listing. JIRA INDESIGN-3019

Minor Change) Document Jumps used to have a version based switch to enable it. They are now always enabled. JIRA INDESIGN-3044

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