5.21.x release notes are available at: https://www.help.bloxcms.com/knowledge-base/total-cms/technical_users/plug-in_version_release_notes/article_ef977596-0560-501f-b0b0-86aa5e31513e.html

5.20.36-1 Released 2017.09.19

Change) Our support of PPI based XML in a custom Saxotech format now uses the database dump sequence number to link the publication code and limit the sections and pages that will be built. In addition, Page Content Type identifiers are now forced to lowercase and spaces have been swapped with underscores at the client's request. JIRA INDESIGN-1869

5.20.35-1 Released 2017.09.19

Major Bug Fix) During testing of write-back of inline twitter searches, we discovered a major flaw in our initial support. In addition, we also discovered that stacking of inline related content and tweets with regular inline assets wasn't supported. Finally, we determined that our support, which relied heavily on regular expressions could be excruciatingly slow at times. All these issues have been addressed and the write-back of these items has now been made faster than our initial support for inline assets. JIRA INDESIGN-1894

5.20.34-1 Released 2017.09.13

New Feature) When importing assets from the syndication channel, you can now view a preview image. The size of the preview depends upon your appliance OS and its accompanying CMS version. For some combinations, it might be the center of the full size image. For others, it will be the standard 100px preview shown in the browser interface. Notes: This preview only works when using https:// support. http:// users will not have this option. http:// is depreciated with the Appliance version 2.18.0. JIRA INDESIGN-666

Bug Fix) We had reports from a single site having Adobe InDesign stop when translating and also making an Adobe InDesign assignment. The issue was due to a hidden dialog preventing Adobe InDesign from returning the trimming text condition to its pre-translation visibility. This has been fixed. JIRA INDESIGN-1895

5.20.33-1 Released 2017.09.11

Change) The PCAB export has been changed again. It now handles double-trucks differently. JIRA INDESIGN-1879

Bug Fix) Layout 8000 sites didn't properly set the position of Double-Truck ads. This bug has existed for over 5 years but it was just now reported. The result is that the double-truck ads being specified to an odd number of columns and placed on a left or even page number should have both the left and the right position of the frame specified correctly. In the past, the right-hand side was set totally according to the number of columns specified and that caused the ad frame to extend off the right side of the right-hand page or into the next column for island ads. No changes were made to non-double truck as positions. And this should only affect Layout 8000 sites. JIRA INDESIGN-1879

5.20.29-32-1 Released 2017.09.06

Bug Fix) The 5.20.10 version managed to break the asset manager for Adobe InDesign CS 5.5 users on MacOS. This version fixes it. JIRA INDESIGN-1821

Improvement) We now log the servers.jsx details that the user selected when logging in. It will look like the following and be about 80 lines from the top of the respective log files:

2017.09.06 12:03:32.515 INFO: (2) In 'Plug-In' Servers.jsx information with the address selected by the user:

name: jwintersdev1 with Tunnel


site: winters.local

https: true

tunnel: true

redirect: false



Improvement) We now log all the options regarding the host platform. This will help TownNews with troubleshooting. The log looks similar to this:

2017.09.06 12:03:35.573 INFO: (2) In 'Plug-In' Host Information:

appCleanName: Adobe_InDesign

versionPointer: 120

appCSversion: CC 2017.0

isCS5: false

isCC: true

isCC_LessThanCC_2: false

isCC_2017_orNewer_b: true

fullName: Adobe InDesign CC 2017.0/ running under Windows 7/64 6.1 Service Pack 1

shortName: Adobe InDesign CC 2017.0/ on Windows 7/64 6.1 Service Pack 1

isInDesign: true

isInCopy: false

isWindows: true

isWindows7: true

isWindowsXP: false

isWindows8: false

isWindows10: false

isWindows32Bit: false

isWindows64Bit: true

isMacOS: false

machineLoginName: jwinters

machineName: JONWINTERS6FE3

machineDomainName: JONWINTERS6FE3

scriptVersion: 5_20_31

scriptBuildNumber: 1

scriptVersionNumberWithBuild: 5_20_31-1


5.20.27-28-1 Released 2017.09.05

Custom) We now support 9 different advertising layout formats with a custom PPI exported XML file being our newest format. Please contact TownNews customer support at support.townnews.com for details about using any of our ad layout formats. JIRA INDESIGN-1869

Behavior Change) The problematic Page Color Labels have been disabled and they will no longer appear in Ad Statuses until sometime in the 5.22 or 5.23 version of the client when they are integrated into the output functions. JIRA INDESIGN-1886

Behavior Change) Appliance OS 2.17.0-x includes CMS 1.35.x and that changed how image asset previews are handled. To be able to see previews of images in the Asset Manager or the Select Child Assets to Place dialog, the actual image data is used. Unfortunately, the tool that Adobe provides TownNews for dialog construction cannot scale images for display. Thus the user will be presented with the center of the full-size image for use as a preview. JIRA INDESIGN-1887

Bug Fix) When using a Manually Added: IP address or a Manually Added: DNS name in the Login dialog, it always assumed the communication method was http:// instead of the current https://. It is not known if any sites experienced this as all sites use servers.jsx files to list their IP addresses or DNS names for their connectivity. JIRA INDESIGN-1887

Removed) The legacy Asset Manager Classic will automatically disappear when connecting to BLOX Total CMS running CMS 1.35.0 or higher. Appliance OS 2.17.0-x includes this CMS. The legacy Asset Manager Classic isn't compatible with the updated CMS and so it was removed since it isn't needed. JIRA INDESIGN-1888

5.20.26-1 Released 2017.08.27

Bug Fix) If Page Content Types have been assigned to a page and then the edition is recreated with the BLOX Total CMS > Documents > Create Edition from Edition File... function, the Page Content Types were not retained from the original assignment. Now the user recreating the Edition will have options to keep or remove the original Page Content Types. JIRA INDESIGN-1875

Bug Fix) If the export ruleset wrote non-h <h2> tags or non-p/s style notes <!--p:sylename--> or <!--s:14/15.2--> such as <!--styleStart--> or <!--styleStop--> and those styles were used either before or after an inline asset, the inline asset wouldn't be written back correctly. This has been corrected and the inline assets now return to the CMS properly encoded. JIRA INDESIGN-1847

5.20.25-1 Released 2017.08.25

New Feature) When importing assets from the syndication channel, you can now view the center portion of the preview image if you are using https:// support. http:// users will not have this option. Note: http:// is depreciated with the Appliance. A future version of the client will display a larger preview and a preview of the entire image bounds. OS 2.19.0. JIRA INDESIGN-666

Change in Behavior) If an asset has a single child from a syndication channel, the Select Children to Place dialog will appear when placing the asset, regardless of what other settings or preferences are selected. JIRA INDESIGN-721

Improvement) The Asset Manager's preferences tab now has an apply button. The prior interface was confusing. There are 3 buttons now: Reset is used to reset all settings to the BLOX Total CMS client defaults. This is primarily used if there is a major problem. Reset also show up outside the Asset Manager at BLOX Total CMS > Options. Cancel is used to close the Asset Manager without making keeping any of the changes in the Asset Manager. The exceptions are the Asset Preview options for Syndication which are stored when clicked. Finally, there is the new Apply button which will store the setting and return you the Preferences tab. JIRA INDESIGN-1813

New Feature) When creating new Editions in Adobe InDesign in Enhanced Mode, it didn't create the Editions in Page Tracker. It now can create them. There is an option in Enhanced Mode's Create Edition that will cause it to create the wireframes of all the pages in the edition that have ads. Note, it does not create PDFs, so the process is very quick. To enable this, just click the Update Page Tracker with Wireframes checkbox in the Create Edition dialog when in Enhanced Mode. JIRA INDESIGN-1873

Bug Fix) One site had a problem with generating segments for some cutout assets. Something about the Adobe InDesign objects was throwing an error about its visible bounds. We have protected that section of the code and added some additional logging. JIRA INDESIGN-1876

5.20.24-1 Released 2017.08.22

Improvement) When viewing assets in the Syndication Tool view of the Asset Manager of Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy you can now double-click on a line in the search results to add that asset to the site instead of needing to click once and then click import. This is a nice enhancement to the performance of using the Syndication Tool. Note, if the import takes awhile, it likely has multiple children and the view won't switch to the Basic View until it is imported. Thus, you might need to double-click a second time or click Import if there is a delay. JIRA INDESIGN-663

UI Change) The background of the Ad Statuses dialog was turned gray by an update to Adobe InDesign's ScriptUI tool that they provide us with to make our dialogs. We have overridden this behavior and have returned the dialog to white. This makes it easier to read. JIRA INDESIGN-1780

Bug Fix) There was a bug adding child asset information to assets being placed by double-clicking on them. The bug caused an error to be logged and the asset would not import correctly. The workaround was to click the Import button. The bug has been fixed. JIRA INDESIGN-1874

5.20.23-1 Released 2017.08.17

Important New Feature) When placing assets in an Adobe InDesign the Select Child Assets to Place dialog has for years automatically unchecked assets with the web-only flag. This continues to be an awesome method to prevent placing related children assets on the Adobe InDesign pages additional times. Unfortunately, that requires that users set the web-only flag. To help prevent reuse of child assets there is now an option at BLOX Total CMS > Options > Limit Placement of Previously Placed Children. When that option is select, a previously placed child asset will automatically be unchecked in the Select Child Assets to Place dialog. And thus, if a user needs to place it again, they can, but by default, it will not place. Note, in most cases, these children should instead be sibling assets. In addition, the BLOX Total CMS > Options > Prompt for Web-Only Children has been changed to Prompt for Web-Only or Placed Children. When de-selected the Select Child Assets to Place dialog will not be displayed if all child assets are either set to Web-Only or previously placed. JIRA INDESIGN-945

Preference Behavior Change) In the past if an asset had a single placeable photo, the user wasn't given the option to skip it. In the case of legacy images, this could cause issues with placement time when the asset shouldn't have been placed to begin with. While marking the image as web-only or turning on Limit Placement of Previously Place Children helps to prevent part of the issue, it can still be a good idea to have the option of always seeing the Select Child Assets to Place dialog. Now a user can choose BLOX Total CMS > Options > Always Prompt for Single Children. JIRA INDESIGN-1648

Important New Feature) There is a new user preference at BLOX Total CMS > Options > Hide Non-Printable Children. When selected in the Options menu, the count of the children in the Asset Manager will update to display the number of printable children instead of the total number of child assets. Currently, a printable child is an Image, Article, PDF, or Table asset. This setting is not related to the web-only flag nor being previously placed. In addition to updating the counts once selected in the Asset Manager, the Asset's preview will be included in the total count the number of printable assets. Finally, when this option is selected all non-printable assets will be hidden in the Select Child Assets to Place dialog. JIRA INDESIGN-1822

Performance Change) There has been an issue affecting several large sites that reuse image assets as children. If they are adding them for print as a child asset, the assets get a collection of parent assets. That makes the raw asset returned from the CMS much larger than it needs to be. We now strip out the parent asset information from all assets prior to the conversion to the form of data used by the BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy. This greatly increases the performance of these well-used child assets. Remember, if you don't need to print the asset, it is MUCH better to add the asset as a sibling asset rather than a child asset. All current templates can display the sibling assets online with the same options as the child assets. Contact TownNews customer support at support.townnews.com if you need assistance with this. This issue never affected sibling assets. JIRA INDESIGN-1865

User Interface Change) All the user preferences options that control what child assets are checked and shown in the Select Child Assets to Place dialog are now grouped together in BLOX Total CMS > Options. The options are the 2nd group of the Options menu. JIRA INDESIGN-1866

Bug Fix) There was an internal error in the Asset Manager's Syndication View that occurred when a syndication channel had no categories. This has been fixed. Only sites running earlier versions of 5.20.x would have been affected. JIRA INDESIGN-1867

Bug Fix) If a user added columns to the search results in the Asset Manager, some warnings and errors would be logged. The warnings and errors also made the process particularly slow. Both are now taken care of. JIRA INDESIGN-1868

5.20.22-1 Released 2017.08.15

Bug Fix) There was a long standing bug that caused the Asset Manager to enlarge past the point where the OK button could be reached. This has been corrected and there is now a maximum size for the search results area of the Asset Manager. Note, if you have pulled the asset manager down in the window and then increase the number of search results, you might find that you have to drag the Asset Manager back up to see its bottom and the controls positioned there. JIRA INDESIGN-525

Bug Fix) A minor change was made to the code that updates asset placement information after placing assets. A site's ruleset managed to improperly tag some frames which then displayed a code error to the user. This has been corrected the code error will no longer appear. JIRA INDESIGN-638

Improvement) The width of the Section and Page Number (SG) column in the Asset Manager can now be adjusted using the Column Widths control in the Asset Manager's Preferences screen. JIRA INDESIGN-679

Bug Fix) There was a special case where if an Adobe InDesign or Adobe InCopy user selected a saved search and their default search and then after quitting the application the saved search in the browser interface, Adobe InDesign would error or crash while trying to access the non-existent search. This has been corrected. JIRA INDESIGN-827

Bug Fix) There was a special case problem with the Budget View in Adobe InDesign's asset manager that was corrected with a prior update to Page Tracker. The problem prevented the display of assets with multiple page assignments. This has been corrected. Note, you might need to UN-check Exclusive to view them, however. JIRA INDESIGN-949

Bug Fix) If a site's users have a Pre-Placed Asset Policy set to either release the asset (Release Asset) or prevent the write-back of the asset from Adobe InDesign (Cancel Write-back) and they were also placing an asset with the Create Assignment Option selected, in the past the assignment creation would either fail or it would produce a second assignment to the same asset. While the 2nd assignment can be used, in practice is a very poor choice. Now, when either of those two Pre-Place Asset Policy options are selected, the policy will automatically be changed to Duplicate the Asset (Duplicate Asset) so that the assignment has a unique and valid asset. When this happens, the user will be warned. The only issue is that the duplicate does not receive a unique slug. Thus, like when two assignments are created to the same asset, communication amongst the staff is very beneficial. JIRA INDESIGN-1294

Minor Log Change) When the Asset Manager in Adobe InDesign or Adobe InCopy failed to determine the custom column ordering, the BLOX Total CMS client logged a nondescript error. The error has been changed to be more specific and hopefully, this will allow TownNews to more accurately determine the reasoning why no custom column order can be determined. JIRA INDESIGN-1861

5.20.21-2 Released 2017.08.10

New Feature) The syndication tool has a new feature where it will download the asset from the syndication channel when it is selected in the Search Results as opposed to waiting for the import button. When the user first clicks on the asset, it will show the known information in the preview panel and then once the asset has been downloaded, it will show the same preview information as would be in the Basic Search tab. This is an optional feature that needs to be activated in the Preferences for the Asset Manager. Use the Syndication tab of the Preview area. In addition, this feature won't work for assets that require background download. Generally, that means assets with multiple child images, but there are other exceptions that apply. JIRA INDESIGN-1802.

New Feature) The Asset Manager in Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy did not previously sort the names of the browser based Saved Searches. This now happens and thus it is easier to find specific saved searches in the Basic Search tab of the Asset Manager. JIRA INDESIGN-1849

Bug Fix) The PCAB export was on rare occasions including a % (percent) symbol in the ad number. This has been corrected. JIRA INDESIGN-1858

5.20.19-1 Released 2017.08.08

Improvement) Since the 5.15.x version we have been using an alternate communication library to communicate with the appliance. That communication library produced non-friendly error messages when the communication failed. This has been changed so the failures are logged silently. This silent behavior is what our legacy communication library did as well. However, in most cases, a failure will cause the client to automatically try up to 3 times to communicate correctly. This is a nice feature for sites with less than optimal networks where communications are occasionally dropped. In the past, a subsequent would be posted. Now retries enable communication to continue – although with a delay. This change is also good for sites using hosted BLOX Total CMS where communication will be slower than a local appliance and where DNSs and security certificates can occasionally get in the way. JIRA INDESIGN-1775

Bug Fix) While examining some logs from a user location we noticed a case where a Stack Overflow condition was triggered by recursively calling the https library calls after repeated failures. JIRA INDESIGN-1845

Internal Change) The way that the https:// based communication problems were presented to the user or logged were not consistent. This has been changed and will result in a slight increase in performance when errors happen. JIRA INDESIGN-1848

5.20.18-1 Released 2017.07.26

Bug Fix) The BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign was improperly storing an asset as placed if it was also merged. This prevented the merged icon from showing in the browser based asset manager. This has been fixed and the Merged icon will now appear in the Asset Manager of the browser, Adobe InCopy and Adobe InDesign when an asset has been placed on a properly named Adobe InDesign page with the Merged choice chosen. JIRA INDESIGN-1843

Bug Fix) At some point in the 5.19.x series of the BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign, the support for organizing print ads by the date of the month broke and the client wanted all ads loose in the Ads folder indicated by the browser based Path Configuration. This has been corrected and the dated folders 01 through 31 according to ad run date can be used again. This is a little known and a seldom used feature. We only know of one site that was affected. JIRA INDESIGN-1844

5.20.17 Released 2017.07.26

Bug Fix) The Clone & Move function had a bug where if the user had saved a configuration with a publication code change, the Clone and Move dialog wouldn't match the publication codes of the current documents. In addition, a change was made to allow the Clone and Move to located the publication codes without forcing the original slug to be lowercase. All changes, will, however, be lowercase. JIRA INDESIGN-1122

5.20.16 Released 2017.07.21

Bug Fix) The 5.17.02 version of the BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign added an output preference true that never worked properly. Instead of allowing non-printing items to print, a logic flaw kept the option disabled. This has been fixed. JIRA INDESIGN-360

Bug Fix) The 5.17.02 client tried to enable an option to allow the PDF to be opened after the export is complete. Unfortunately, the feature was never completely added and thus failed. It now works as intended. A site can add in true to any PDF export or Page Tracked based menu group or method in the output preferences XML file and the PDF will automatically open after it is exported. JIRA INDESIGN-580

Bug Fix) The 5.17.11 version of the BLOX Total CMC client for Adobe InDesign added a feature to allow the output preferences to include true and it would check the pages being output to see if all the BLOX Total CMS assets had been set (usually by a workflow) to Print Ready. Sites had requested this function as a way to verify that all output was ready for output -- The meaning of Print Ready is decided upon by the site, thus for some sites this feature is useless. Well, the feature worked great for PDF output types but it failed to work for Page Tracker output types. Since the addition of the highly efficient function, it became apparent that this needed to work for Page Tracker too. By the way, if you are using Page Tracker AND creating a PDF for final output you SHOULD be using Chain instead of Next Method. JIRA INDESIGN-1576

5.20.15 Released 2017.07.21

Important Advertising Bug Fix) There was a bug involving the special case of a full page ad that has a measurement slightly less than the actual width of the live area of the page. When then happened, the BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign would change the width of the ad to a single column (listed as -1) and place the ad off the left edge of the page. This has been correct. This change will affect all supported advertising systems, but the special case has only come up with one site testing a new ad layout system with an improperly sized template. There were no other reports of this happening. But it was easy to verify when the site provided their ad layout file and their actual page template. JIRA INDESIGN-1834

5.20.14 Released 2017.07.21

Minor Bug Fix) The main button in the Syndication tab in the Asset Manager is now always labeled Import. Initially, it had been labeled OK until the first syndication search happened. JIRA INDESIGN-661

Improvement) In the Syndication Tab of the Asset Manager, if the user clicks the 'Reset' button when only a single Syndication Channel has been configured, then that channel will be automatically selected. All other non-sort related fields will be cleared. If multiple channels have been configured, the channel will also be cleared. Overall, this creates a nicer user experience if the site hasn't created lots of saved searches and has only one Syndication Tool channel. JIRA INDESIGN-979

New Feature) There is an optional new feature for Creative Cloud users that displays in the syndication tool search results the standard 'ID' Adobe InDesign icon indicating asset placement on an Adobe InDesign page. To enable that your workstation needs to be using any Creative Cloud version of Adobe InDesign or Adobe InCopy. Then in the Asset Manager choose the Preferences tab. Finally, in the Asset Preview area of Preferences click the new Syndication tab. In that tab, you will see a checkbox for 'Indicate Placement'. Check that box and then all placed syndication assets will show with the standard ID icon when they have been placed. JIRA INDESIGN-1614

5.20.13 Released 2017.07.17

Important Performance Related Bug Fix) Version 5.19.04 of the client allowed translation of asses with incorrect URLs containing carets (^). But that fix also introduced an internal regular expression issue that could cause the NON-Creative Cloud versions of Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy (CS5, CS 5.5, and CS6) to drastically slow down the translation of assets. This has been corrected by changing the regular expression to change all caret symbols to the proper HTML encoded %5E version. This includes carets in the regular text. If your site uses ^ in print, you should add a translation rule in a Tail ruleset to convert the Start Tag of %5E to a ^ in the Start Tag Replace. If you don't foresee printing carets, no ruleset changes are needed. JIRA INDESIGN-1827 (also released in 5.19.36-1)

Logging Change) We now log the search query when performing any search with the Asset Manager to aid in troubleshooting. JIRA INDESIGN-1832

5.20.12 Released 2017.07.13

Bug Fix) Benchmark Mode outputs and it only works in Development mode. Development mode wants to redirect output to the desktop and that causes a dialog to be shown. That dialog throws off the timing for benchmark mode. So now, when you run Benchmark Mode, it automatically turns off the Redirect Output function. It does NOT re-enable it either. JIRA INDESIGN-1828

Minor Bug Fix) Benchmark mode attempted to update Page Tracker. But because of the invalid pub code used, a series of errors are presented to the user about failed Page Tracker updates. This has been corrected and Page Tracker is no longer updated by Benchmark Mode. JIRA INDESIGN-1829

5.20.11 Released 2017.07.11

Bug Fix) For a number of months Page Tracker has been storing if the asset was placed on the page in a merged or unmerged setting. But unfortunately it was recording the merged part correctly but if the same asset was placed on in the same publication with a non-merged condition, it wasn't clearing the merged flag. This has been corrected. JIRA INDESIGN-496

Major New Feature) When Adobe InCopy Assignments are created or removed we now store that fact with the placement information. This allows for an InCopy icon to be displayed in Budget View in Page Tracker and the Adobe InCopy and Adobe InDesign Asset Managers. In addition, in BLOX CMS 1.36, the status column will also include this InCopy Assignment Exists icon. JIRA INDESIGN-995

New Feature) Starting with CMS 1.36 scheduled for Appliance 2.19.0-x, the Asset Manager in Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy will be able to display icons for Merged on an Adobe InDesign Page and Adobe InCopy Assignment Exists. To activate these, look at the Preferences panel in the Adobe InCopy and Adobe InDesign Asset Manager. JIRA INDESIGN-1507

Improvement) The Merge option in the asset manager is now easier to click. The hot spot for the toggle has been extended from the checkbox to the entire line of text that forms its label. JIRA INDESIGN-1811

Change in Logging) To aid in troubleshooting by TownNews staff, the log files not indicate how many assets are being checked in during the Check-In on idle and other check-in processes. JIRA INDESIGN-1818

Minor Bug Fix) A minor internal error was happening during the checking out of assets that prevented the client for Adobe InCopy and Adobe InDesign from turning off the Track Changes functions. In certain versions of Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy having Track Changes turned on will cause those applications to crash. JIRA INDESIGN-1823

5.20.10 Released 2017.07.07

Bug Fix) The Syndication Tab of the Asset Manager didn't cache prior settings. It now does. This means that if you use the Syndication Tab, the next time you use it, the prior settings will be listed. This will save a lot of time for users switching to the syndication tool over the soon to be removed AP Web-Feeds Agent (Appliance OS 2.18.0-x will be the last version supporting the AP Web-Feeds Agent). JIRA INDESIGN-667

Improvement) Selecting a channel in the syndication tool will automatically perform a search of that channel's content without the need to click the Search button. JIRA INDESIGN-667

Change in Behavior) To aid in testing output preferences files, Development Mode users can not only redirect the output to the desktop but test without having the site named PDF Preset. Instead, the users will be asked if it okay to substitute the PageTrackerPreview preset. JIRA INDESIGN-1808

Improvement) We now warn users of Adobe InDesign CS 5.5 versions 7.5.0, 7.5.1, and 7.5.2 that they need to update to the final 7.5.3 version. The prior versions are known to be buggy. In addition. Adobe no longer supports any CS5 or CS 5.5 versions. JIRA INDESIGN-1821

5.20.05 through 5.20.09 Released 2017.06.30

Internal Change) We have finally succeeded in getting the Asset Manager opening for MacOS users of legacy Adobe InDesign CS5 and CS 5.5. It appears that those versions required a component of MacOS that is incompatible with the current MacOS and thus the Adobe provided ScriptUI that we use for dialog boxes won’t operate properly. To enable the Asset Manager to function under MacOS with InDesign CS5 and CS 5.5 required us to disable the scalability of the dialog for those users. Keep in mind that Adobe no longer provides support for these versions of Adobe InDesign. Adobe InDesign CS5 was released in April of 2010 and CS 5.5 a year later. That makes CS 5.5 that a 6 year-old piece of software. Normal maximum lifespan of modern software is considered 3 years. New features of BLOX Total CMS are generally only added to Creative Cloud versions of Adobe InDesign. Now would be a wise time to upgrade if you are using these legacy versions with MacOS. JIRA INDESIGN-283 & INDESIGN-707

Minor Log Change) When testing the Asset Manager without any open documents it would throw a warning message in the log file about not being able to calculate the Image Place Order. This warning is now suppressed because no images can be imported if there are no documents. JIRA INDESIGN-1817

5.20.04-1 Released 2017.06.27

Internal Change) We have added some additional logging and some extra checking when running the Asset Manger on legacy Adobe InDesign. This includes turning off the resizability of the Asset Manager in Adobe InDesign and InCopy CS5 in an attempt to get those remaining sites that can’t open the Asset Manager to be able to open it. JIRA INDESIGN-707

5.20.02-03 Released 2017.06.27

Internal Change) We have changed some of the internal logic behind the creation of the Asset Manger in an attempt to get it to open at the few remaining sites that can't yet use it. In addition, it there is some additional information in the log files that are produced as the Asset Manager is being created. JIRA INDESIGN-707

Bug Fix) The Adobe InDesign CC2015 release broke the use of titles with icon buttons. Thus the Reset and Search buttons in the Asset Manager had no titles. This has now been fixed. In addition, some time ago, the search icon in the Browser based interface was changed from a green arrow to binoculars. We have made the same switch to keep the appearance similar. JIRA INDESIGN-850

Improvement) The Asset Manager's Placement Option for No Standalone Heads now remembers the way the user last set it. In addition, there is a new preference at BLOX Total CMS > Options > No Standalone heads, that when set to checked will override the last set by the user. Thus if a site never wants standalone head, they should instruct the users to check that preference. JIRA INDESIGN-1726

Improvement) When using the Syndication Tab of the Asset Manager in Adobe InDesign or Adobe InCopy, if you select a saved search, it will search as soon as you select the saved search rather than not until you click the Search button. This is a nice performance enhancement. JIRA INDESIGN-1803

5.20.01 Released 2017.06.16

Internal Change) We have made an internal change to the way the Asset Manager dialog is constructed to an attempt to allow it to work on some Legacy MacOS workstations. At a few sites they are unable to use the traditional Asset Manager because it will not display for them. Thus they are forced to use the antiquated Asset Manager Classic. Since we have never been able to reproduce the issue, the few affected clients will be the judge of the internal change. JIRA INDESIGN-775

Change) For a brief period of time we included a .jsxbin file that could be used to install the BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy. It was never used at client sites and, when updating normally, if a client updated incorrectly, the site would get warnings about updating on every single launch. Thus, we have removed the installer. A future appliance release (likely 2.19.0-x) will allow the client to be updated when the appliance is updated. JIRA INDESIGN-1752

Minor Log Change) When the translation of an asset calls for a placefile's insertions to be limited, the log would list an error instead of a warning. This has been corrected. JIRA INDESIGN-1781

Minor Log Change) The Asset Manager produced DEBUG: messages in the log files. They have all been changed to INFO:. JIRA INDESIGN-1783

Minor Log Change) Since we currently have quite a few MacOS sites with legacy workstations that currently must use http:// communication protocol instead of the recommended https:// protocol, we have moved some of the initial logging of information to make it easier to determine the method being used and why. JIRA INDESIGN-1789

Log Change) We now log above the actual storage path the path to the log file. This is to aid in troubleshooting with sites that don't keep user data on the local workstation. This will also be helpful to terminal server based users. JIRA INDESIGN-1795

Prior Release Notes: