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The 5.29 series of the BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy concentrates on User Interface changes. Click here for details.

5.28.04-5 Released 2018.04.09

Bug Fix) The 5.21.01-1 version of the client, released 2017.09.25, had a bug which disabled the Advanced Mode option. That caused the tabs to move slightly in some cases. This has been fixed. JIRA INDESIGN-2129

Feature Change) A prior version of the BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign added a requested new feature that allowed processed Edition files to be automatically moved to their Backups folder after processing. One site didn't like this feature. This feature also required the maintenance of the static.out file which causes the Ad Statuses dialog to automatically open. For a different site that doesn't allow the newsroom staff to see Ad Statuses this too was unliked. We have now added support for installing a backupEditionFiles.disabled file to disable this feature at those two sites, or any other site that chooses not to keep their Advertising folder clean. JIRA INDESIGN-2132

5.28.04-4 Released 2018.03.20

Bug Fix) The prior release had a problem with opening Adobe InCopy assignments due to a compilation problem. This has been fixed. JIRA INDESIGN-2100

5.28.04-3 Released 2018.03.17

New Feature) For MacOS sites without proper user permissions, we have allowed them to create the local BLOX Total CMS resources folder in the user's home folder rather in the more desirable Library / Application Support folder. To enable this feature the site needs to add a MacOS_homeFolder.enabled file loose in their code or tmcs_data folder. JIRA INDESIGN-2110

5.28.04-2 Released 2018.03.14

Bug Fix) InCopy users with a 'T' or Plate value in their name couldn't open Assignments that had been placed on a page. This issue will auto correct itself once Page Tracker 1.6.0 is released with Appliance OS 2.20.0. But we have fixed it immediately in this version of the client. JIRA INDESIGN-2100

5.28.04-1 Released 2018.03.07

Minor Log Change) The function to save Adobe InDesign documents did not log anything. Thus it was hard to verify that the save had completed. There are now items logged which will help when troubleshooting client sites with issues saving documents. JIRA INDESIGN-1708

Minor Bug Fix) There was an internal error with the Combine With function that prevented it from attempting to set the Page Numbering of the document being combined. We don't know of this bug affecting anyone. It could, however, expressed itself by having page numbering not match after doing a Combine With > when the documents are from different sections – which itself is very rare. JIRA INDESIGN-1748

Minor Esoteric Bug Fix) If your domain's page creation settings does not use zones, but if you tried to create editions from edition file using an edition file and layout file that referenced zoned pages, an error would be triggered because the zoned pages could not be added. Unfortunately, the error handler had a typo which caused a code error. The code error has been fixed. JIRA INDESIGN-1748

Bug Fix) The Select Child Assets to Place dialog would not display the Include All, OK, or Cancel buttons if the parent asset had lots of children. The number was based upon the monitor's number of pixels and the display enlargement. This has been fixed and the dialog should no longer exceed the size of the monitor. JIRA INDESIGN-1930

Bug Fix) When releasing an asset that also has an Adobe InCopy assignment, the BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign also attempts to remove the folders that held the assignment files if they have been successfully emptied. At one client site, this could occasionally cause a temporary halt in processing, sometimes for up to 2 minutes. We now do a garbage collection routine before calling the recursive routine to remove the folder. In addition, we now check when we have reached the root of the Adobe InCopy Assignments folder as it should never be removed. This speeds the process up for all users. Finally, the process is logged in greater detail so that if something is bogging down on a file server we have a way to track which command is causing the delay. JIRA INDESIGN-2089

5.28.03-1 Released 2018.03.06

Important Export Bug fix) We had a report from one site where if custom export tags are used in combination with character styles (such as bold text) that the export would combine paragraphs. This problem was caused by INDESIGN-1974 that was part of 5.24.01. This has been corrected and once again we know of no write-back problems. JIRA INDESIGN-2088

5.28.02-1 Released 2018.03.05

Internal Change) When a page content type is applied to a page, it will also try to find an appropriate Page Design Snippet to place. One site had issues with that process throwing an internal error with no details. We have beefed up the error checking in that section of the BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign so that if it happens in the future, we will be able to tell what the root cause of the problem is. Most likely it is a bad snippet file. JIRA INDESIGN-2067

Functionality Verified) We had a single legacy site complain that multiple child images, especially those with presentation modes were not translating correctly. We did extensive testing in a variety of configurations and verified that they are fine providing the rulesets don't get aggressive and remove some of the tagging. JIRA INDESIGN-2073

Bug Fix) It turns out that the BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign has never properly supported the use of Plates in the naming convention. If a site's naming contained T values, they would end up a pair of pages in Page Tracker for every page with assets. One page in Page Tracker would list the proper T value and the other would have it blank. This caused confusion with all sorts of things, but it had not been reported to us since Page Tracker 0.9.0 fixed an issue with the budgeting of assets to pages using Plate naming. The BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign now properly sends the plate values, but the web-service we communicate with when updating placement information on assets placed on pages still needs to be updated to fully support plates. JIRA INDESIGN-2091

5.28.01-1 Released 2018.02.27

Bug Fix) We had a confirmed report that on occasions when using Combine With at a site that also used Edition codes in their page creation settings that the pages in Page Tracker would occasionally be missing the Edition code. This would produce an extra page in Page Tracker each time it happened. We believe that this bug is now fixed. JIRA INDESIGN-2043

Internal Change) We make an internal change to a routine that handles the mundane task of converting string versions of numbers to actual integers. No issues were known, but this should make sure that all conversions are handled properly. JIRA INDESIGN-2064

Bug Fix) The 5.23.01 client for Adobe InDesign added a Priority and Locked columns in the Select Child Assets to Place dialog. That moved the column indexes around and caused a bug where any previously toned images would not place during the asset translation. This is now fixed. If a site uses Toned Image Search in the Asset Manager (controlled by BLOX Total CMS > Options > Search for Toned Images during Placement) then any existing toned images with matching slugs should get automatically swapped during translation and placement. JIRA INDESIGN-2080

Prior Versions:

The 5.27 version of the client is primarily a new dialog to create pages. Details can be found here.

There was no publicly available version in the 5.26 series. That series introduced some updated communication libraries. Those items are in the 5.27.x and newer versions of the BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy.

Details on the 5.25 version of the client can be found here.