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The release notes for the 5.40.02 version of the client are here.

5.39.08-9 Released 2019.10.08

Adobe InDesign CS5 and CS 5.5 Behavior change) We continue to struggle to maintain operability with the no-longer supported Adobe InDesign CS5 and CS 5.5 versions. We had to make a change to the client code to further restrict the Asset Manager's ability in MacOS to display all components of the dialog. JIRA INDESIGN-2629

MacOS and CS5 and CS 5.5 version Asset Manager Changes) The Asset Manager for the the legacy (out of date and no longer supported) CS5 and CS 5.5 versions of Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy on MacOS has been changed so that the number of columns of that the column checkboxes are used in has been changed to three columns. This is to reduce the height of these areas so that the dialog itself doesn't grow too large on those versions. However, on narrow monitors, you might find some of the column names cut off. JIRA INDESIGN-2629

Minor Asset Manager Change) If the user chooses BLOX Total CMS > Reset and Update > Reset Asset Manager Position and Size... when the last viewed Asset Manager Tab was the Preferences tab, the Basic Search tab will instead be opened. This help to prevent loops where the Preferences Tab needs to be constructed larger than some user's workstations allow and that then calls for a need to rest the asset manager. JIRA INDESIGN-2629

Minor Asset Manager Change) The minimum monitor size for including the preview panel in the Basic Search and Syndication Tabs has been changed from <= 1280 pixels to <1200 pixels. This primarily helps the users of the outdated CS5 and CS 5.5 on MacOS-based workstations after they Reset the Asset Manager. JIRA INDESIGN-2629

Template Master Spawn Template Bug Fix) We had reports of the default styles not being set at a couple of sites. This has been addressed. If you get the following dialog after using Spawn Template, you need to update to this version of the client: 5.39.09 JIRA INDESIGN-2660

Failed to Set Default Text Styles

5.39.07 Released 2019.10.07

Major Hyperlink Improvement) Because of an Adobe InDesign limitation, a URL in a hyperlink could only be used a single time in a document. Multiple uses caused Adobe InDesign to be unable to locate the details of the hyperlink and the BLOX Total CMS client would then throw an error. The BLOX Total CMS client has been completely changed how these links are handled. We now generate unique names for each of the links so that Adobe InDesign won't be confused. Thus, now the same URL can be used up to 100 times in the same document. If you are seeing a dialog similar to the one below, you need to update to client 5.39.07 or newer JIRA INDESIGN-2601

Hyperlink Export Prolbme.png

Template Master Spawn Template Improvement) The Add Components function now has an option to automatically add the LINK Character Style that is used for translating hyperlinks. If a Character Style isn't uniquely specified in the rulesets, the LINK Character Style will be used. And the Add Component function can add it in advance (speeding translation). If, however, your rulesets for hyperlinks specify a differently named style, then this feature shouldn't be used as it only adds to the template size. The best choice would be to have your hyperlink rulesets specify the LINK character style and then use this feature. JIRA INDESIGN-2656

Add LINK Style

Hyperlink Translation Changes and Improvements) The Creative Cloud 2019 versions of Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy have a bug with the internal results for locating hyperlinks. The end result is that Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy were returning one character too few from the search results and then our BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy then made the hyperlinks one character too short. We had assumed it was an issue with the hyperlinks themselves, but instead, the bug is really with the results of finding text. We have worked around this two different ways. The most important way is that we now require the LINK Character Style to be applied to the text when translating hyperlinks in assets. The LINK Character Style does NOT have to have any formatting and generally it is a clone of the [None] Character Style. But this allows us to then find the text style range of this character style and grab all of the text. This also prevents a write-back problem where Adobe InDesign offers to the BLOX Total CMS client multiple hyperlinks in the story. Using a Character Style pretty much guarantees that we get one link and they write back correctly. JIRA INDESIGN-2657


5.39.06 Released 2019.10.02

Template Master Spawn Template Minor UI change) We modified the dialog that warns Template Masters when they select a single column master page. JIRA INDESIGN-2349

Pick better copy.png

Improvement) For all users of Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy, the size and location of the Asset Manager are now stored separately from the rest of the user's Asset Manager's preferences. This allows for a future feature to push Asset Manager Preferences to users and it allows the Asset Manager Size and Position to be reset without forcing a reset to the default preferences. JIRA INDESIGN-2629

Improvement) For all users of Adobe InCopy and Adobe InDesign there is now separate options in BLOX Total CMS > Update and Reset to Reset the Asset Manager's Size and Position as well as its Preferences. In the past, these options were combined and this meant that resetting the user's Asset Manager Preferences to fix an issue where they moved it to a non-displayable area caused them to lose their data and column positions. JIRA INDESIGN-2629

Reset Position and Size Menu Option.png

5.39.05 Released 2019.09.25

Ruleset Change) There is a new dialog that will appear whenever a site manages to have two Translation Rulesets with the same name. When you see this dialog please have your site's template master remove or rename one of the rulesets. JIRA INDESIGN-1303

v2 You have Duplicate Rulesets.png

Important New Template Master Feature) Our Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud based Template Masters now have a super important new tool at their disposal. When they use Spawn Template they can produce backup copies of the Translation Rulesets automatically. The copies are sorted by date and time and include the entire collection as well as individual rulesets. The backups are in the Rulesets folder in the Adobe InDesign Templates folder. Note: The backups can be slightly different than the original rulesets if the originals have bad characters from pasting bad characters into rulesets such as paragraph breaks or tabs. In addition, if a ruleset has a backslash before a colon \: those characters will be morphed and restoring the ruleset might not act the same way. JIRA INDESIGN-2332

Spawn Template with Backup Rulesets

Template Master Spawn Template Improvement) One of the Spawn Template features is the ability to select a default master page. The recommended practice is to select a Master Page for an inside page with folios. But some users will miss this feature and try to export an existing document as a multi-page template and leave a master page selected which has no columns. This will then cause the Create Edition from Edition File feature from being able to properly determine ad sizes because there is only a single column the size of the page. To help protect users from doing that, we now check the master page for a single column. JIRA INDESIGN-2349

Pick better.png

New Template Master Feature) The Development > Add Components now has the option of adding the 4 colors used for generating snippet previews. The advantage of adding them here is that then they can be edited to become whatever colors you wish. For example. you might want articles to be red instead of green (the default). If that is the case, modify the color to fit your needs after it has been added with Add Components. JIRA INDESIGN-2451

Add Snipp.png

Template Master Spawn Template Minor Bug Fix) We had a report from our installation team that the zero-point wasn't in the correct location in the template. We made a minor change and verified that it is now in the correct location. JIRA INDESIGN-2533

Zero Point

Minor Template Master Bug Fixed) There is a template master feature at BLOX Total CMS > Development > Add Missing Styles which can be used to sort through the rulesets and create placeholder styles for any styles that the document doesn't currently have. Unfortunately, the 5.38.x and 5.39.x versions of the BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy added Translation Script features that were required to assist with the changed Associated Press sports agate feeds and those caused the Add Missing Styles feature to balk because it wasn't told about the new additions. This has been corrected. JIRA INDESIGN-2646

Template Master Ruleset Bug Fix) When Template Masters are creating or maintaining rulesets they frequently need to add a Quit command ....! (four periods and an exclamation mark in the Start tag: field). In Development Mode, this quits translation at that point so they can check on their progress or figure out why something isn't working. Unfortunately, prior to this 5.39.05 release, if the Quit command was more than a few rulesets deep, the Template Master would get warned that a Quit was reached, and then Translation would finish -- essentially ignoring the Quit and doing all of the translation except what remains in the ruleset with the Quit command. It got worse if multiple Quits were encountered. All this has been corrected. JIRA INDESIGN-2649

Template Master Add Components User Interface Change) With the addition of the Snippet Preview Colors and Segmenting Preview options, the Add Components dialog was getting wide. To make it easier to view, it is now broken into two rows as shown below. The functionality hasn't changed. JIRA INDESIGN-2650

Add Components 2 Column Version

Template Master Improvement) There is now an option to alert the Template Master when a named style exists more than once. Because of Style Groups in Adobe InDesign, it is easy to replicate styles into different Style Group. But the BLOX Total CMS Translation features cannot select from a specific style group when applying a style. This means that text could get formatted by the wrong version of a style. Thus duplicate names should be avoided at all costs. To aid in locating them, we have a new feature at BLOX Total CMS > Development > Locate Duplicate Styles... JIRA INDESIGN-2653

You have duplicated named styles.png

Template Master Spawn Template Minor Bug Fix) There were occasions when using the Include Version option that the version tag would get added to the final template twice. This has been fixed. This is a nice feature to use because it allows all users making documents to know if the template was created with an older version of Adobe InDesign. Remember, templates NEED TO BE UPDATED when the Adobe InDesign version gets updated. This is one of the founding principles behind using BLOX Total CMS > Development > Spawn Template. JIRA INDESIGN-2654

Do Not Replicate the Version when spawning templates

5.39.04 Released 2019.09.13

Template Master Spawn Template Improvement) Internal testing of the last version with improved style sorting indicated that the Adobe InDesign sorting methods were occasionally failing to fully sort all the styles. We made a change in the hope that it sorts all the styles rather than most of the styles. JIRA INDESIGN-2543

Template Master Spawn Template Bug Fix) While doing in-house testing on the Spawn Template feature, we noticed that the next time the feature was used, the Preset Configuration wasn't being loaded. This has been fixed. Note, this only applies to users of Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud Version 14.0.3 and newer. JIRA INDESIGN-2634.

Template Master Spawn Template Bug Fix) Again, while the BLOX Total CMS team was testing this the 5.39.03 update they had an issue when the site (like a new site) didn't have an existing named configuration. It was preventing the dialog from opening. This too has been fixed. JIRA INDESIGN-2634

Template Master Spawn Template Improvement) The names of the Spawn Template Configurations are now sorted. In the past they appeared in the order they were created. JIRA INDESIGN-2634

5.39.03 Released 2019.09.10

Template Master Spawn Template Improvement) We had some users report that on occasion not all of their styles would sort. We have made some changes to the sorting routines. However, it might still not work perfectly for the aging Creative Suite versions of Adobe InDesign. We have very limited control over those old, old versions and we no longer test on those versions. JIRA INDESIGN-2543

Template Master Spawn Template Bug Fix) Because of some internal logic of the way Spawn Template worked, the resultant template file was potentially larger than it should be. This has been corrected. In addition, we now log the size of the new template. JIRA INDESIGN-2581

PCAB Obituary Export Changes) The prior change to the encoding of the PCAB XML for obituaries failed to actually change the deceased's name as was requested. This has been correct. This only affects the single site using the PCAB export. JIRA INDESIGN-2599

5.39.02 Released 2019.09.09

Behavior Change) Client 5.35.02 released 2018.12.13, copied snippets before they are placed on pages. This prevents them from being locked by two or more users or even by the same layout user when using the Create Edition from Edition File function. But, we had one group of sites that created their snippets with links to an IP address and then changed the IP address of their system and it broke all the links in their snippets. Adobe InDesign would relink these broken files because the links were relative when they were left in their original location, but it would fail to relink when the snippets were copied before being placed. While the links are indeed broken because of the way the links were created (via IP address instead of DNS name), we are creating support for a backupSnippetBeforePlacement.disabled file which can be dropped in the root of the tcms_data share to disable the copying of snippets before placement. JIRA INDESIGN-2628

Minor Behavior Change) We added some additional logging of all the active enabled and disabled files found at a site. This is for troubleshooting purposes only. JIRA INDESIGN-2628.

Template Master Bug Fix) Spawn Template was becoming non-responsive after saving a configuration. This was due to a bug in the ScriptUI API that Adobe provides us with. Adobe has fixed this bug in Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud 2019 version 14.0.3. For Adobe InDesign users lower than this version, the ability to save a configuration has been removed and replaced with a warning message. JIRA INDESIGN-2634

Minor Bug Fix) The 5.35.02 version of the client added an important feature to backup snippets when they are placed. This has prevented snippets from getting accidentally locked by the OS and it has helped with troubleshooting damaged or corrupt snippets. But if users were placing BLOX Total CMS snippets on documents that are NOT named for BLOX Total CMS, folders were being created in the Adobe InDesign Documents folder. This no longer happens. REMEMBER: Non-BLOX Total CMS named documents should NOT be used when logged into BLOX Total CMS Adobe InDesign Client. This has always been the case. However, the reason this issue was addressed is that it also created these unwanted folders when the Template Masters were placing snippets on Master Documents -- and that is a valid and desirable action necessary to keep the Master Documents and the Template files up to date. Sites should no longer find oddly named folders created after placing snippets. JIRA INDESIGN-2639

5.39.01 Released 2019.09.05

Template Master Spawn Document Bug Fix) Some sites had master documents that the Spawn Template feature couldn't unlock items on and that didn't allow all the pages to be deleted. This has been fixed. JIRA INDESIGN-2635

Template Master Ruleset Command) New Skip Lines Translate Script Command. There is a new skip command that can be used in Translate Rulesets to skip over a specified number of lines. This effectively creates an option to translate when there is no matching tags. For details see the BLOX Total CMS help page on JIRA INDESIGN-2638


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