<&skip:()> has a single, but radically different function: To skip lines in a ruleset.

All BLOX Total CMS rulesets cause things to happen when something is matched. This is, of course, handled by putting things in the Start Tag: and End Tag: fields. But what if you need to do do something with something is NOT matched? Use skip, and the next lines will be processed when no match is made. 

Technically this works by using two lines in a ruleset. One that looks for something ask specifies the skip. The next line is what should happen if the match isn't made. It will run if the skip doesn't. It might look like this in a ruleset:

Sample Use of <&skip:()>
Ruleset Line:Start Tag:Translate Script:Comment:
 <td <&skip:(1)>Line 'n' is just a line number. Wherever you are wanting to NOT match something.
n+1<<&recursive:(SPAG_APTables_69_nonTableAgate,1)>This is the line that runs when line 'n' is NOT matched. When matched it is skipped. While this does not need to call <&recursive:()>, it might be easiest to understand what is happening when <&recursive:()> is used.
n+2  // The rest of the ruleset follows the number of skipped lines.