Major Included Packages

BLOX CMS version 1.40.6 (from 1.39.8)

PageTracker version 1.9.0 (from 1.7.0)

BLOX Total CMS Client for Adobe InCopy and Adobe InDesign version 5.32.31-4 (from 5.31.05-7)

BLOX CMS version 1.40.6

Major Changes:

The location for adding and editing users in BLOX Total CMS has moved from Desktop > Settings > User to Desktop Community > User Accounts. Additional information can be found here. Groups are an Application Setting of the User Accounts application.


When importing assets from a syndication channel of a BLOX site, any image crops will now be preserved. They previously were ignored.

When Batch Editing workflow changes, the application of workflow which would have correspondingly changed the Do Not Publishing setting, wasn't honoring the workflows choices. This has been fixed and how batch editing of a workflow does the same thing as manually changing the workflow of one asset in the Asset Editor.

The NITF parser has been expanded to support the ex-ref property of the <pubdata> element and use this as the canonical URL when importing assets with that tag.

The NITF parser has been modified to support recognizing the poster images, if they exist, when importing a Video asset via NITF.

Static Preview images have been removed from assets as well as the tab in the Asset Editor. Now when an image is presented online, the preview image is handled via smart image sizing via the online image proxy server.

Searching for legacy YouTube and Syndicaster video assets are now handled via the generic Video asset recently added. But the YouTube and Syndicaster are now subtypes of this generic video asset and thus you can still find them if they have been converted or created that way.

Export of NITF versions of assets containing Inline assets now conforms to the NITF standard. Inline items had been previously include as they were treated internally in BLOX CMS and this violated the NIFT standards. NITF Exports from BLOX CMS also have been modified to properly include all the BLOX CMS flags according to NITF specifications. These exports also now include deatials on the poster Images of Video Assets. Finally, BLOX CMS based NITF exports properly encode the Author information and Last Revision information. Part of this had been specified incorrectly.  All these changes are important to sites exporting NITF to 3rd party archives where NITF is the standard.

The number of background jobs that might run on an appliance at any one time has been increased to 10.

HTML assets are now cleaned up when saving to make sure there no invalid HTML remains in the asset.

New Features:

Collection Assets now support Bylines and Author. And the byline information is supported collection assets are imported via the Syndication Tool. In addition, the BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign fully supports adding Collection Assets to pages. See here for more details. The client's collection support, however, requires Client version 5.34.02, but 5.32.31-4 is the client version included with this Appliance OS 2.22.1 update. So you will either need to wait or request and updated client by filing a request at

BLOX Total CMS added support for placing Collection assets in print with version 5.34 of the client. But for full support you need to modify your rulesets and potentially your Master Document and spawn off a new template. This article has step by step instructions to add support to the rulesets.

BLOX CMS now supports a new Asset type of File. This supports .zip, .pdf, .docx, .xls, and more. Eventually the existing PDF, .zip, and SWF assets will be conveted to this generic File type to reduce code maintenance to make the user interface more consistent.

There is a new option in Editorial's Application Settings to disable Photo Sales by default. It looks as shown below.

Disable Photo Sales by Default
Photo Sales in Asset Editor

Bug Fixes:

The NITF parser now correctly applies Poster Images to Video Assets if the NITF feed included the Poster Image information. We've also fixed a minor issue where the NITF export created an empty array check for relationships when an array did not exist. 

The web-service that was used by the BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign didn't properly handle the plate naming values. For the handful of sites that uses plates as part of their naming conventions, they saw two copies of every page in Page Tracker. One with the T values specified and one without. This has been fixed and there should no longer be any duplicates if the site is using client version 5.28.02 or newer. Remember, this Appliance OS 2.22.1 update includes 5.32.31-4, so this fix is included if you are configured for automatic Client updates. 

Editorial's Image Asset's photo_sales property was not being preserved when asset were imported from another site via the syndication tool. This has been fixed and the Photo Sales option will match the hosting site. 

Duplicating an editorial asset automatically creates the duplicate with Do Not Publish set. However there were two ways to set it. One with a Boolean property the other with a integer value. Unfortunately many hosted sites use block query rules configured to the integer value and thus these duplicates weren't being properly filters. This has now been fixed.

Some users of our earlier versions rightfully complained that when logging into the browser interface they saw their user name and password dots overlapping the prompt for the both. This UI glitch, which was worse in some browsers than others, has been corrected.

Fixed a bug that caused Mozilla Firefox to crash when using Numeric keywords on assets.

Page Tracker version 1.9.0


The UI for adding images to assignments now matches the UI for normal assets in BLOX CMS.

Searching for Assignments has been modified so that when you include an End Date it includes that date up to 11:59:59 PM for that date.

Improvement) The Force Final Process feature, triggered by an and Adobe InDesign client Output Preferences XML tag <forceFinalProcess>true</forceFinalProcess> was advancing all unlocked assets including those that weren't placed on the pages. It now requires that the asset is placed and not just budgeted. To use this feature, you need client version 5.32.26 or newer. Note, the appliance intself includes this as it has the 5.32.31 version on the tcms_indesign_client share. See below for more details. 

Improvement) The Page Tracker revision history on Page assets now includes more user accounts. A prior release allowed Page Tracker to show which user did which actions, but many actions didn't send the user information. More functions now support sending users.

New Features:

The Wireframe view of Page Tracker now lists details about the ads if you are using our Advertising Features and sending that information to Page Tracker. This is very useful if you are also sending the information to Live e-Edition for linking to the advertiser in Business Directory.

You can now create an assignment and assign to a group of users. In addition, you can now search by Assigned Group. This is a great feature for both large and small newsrooms wishing to make heavier use of the assignment features.

Page Tracker now has a button in both the Edition View and the Page View to re-export the NITF files from the Edition or the Page for use with external archives. This is helpful when a site thought they had uploaded the content and deleted the originals or when the archive vendor missed importing something. Site librarians will love this feature.

A new preference at Desktop > Settings > InDesign > Preferences has been added to allow sites using Adobe InCopy to force the display of Adobe InCopy Assignments to just the designated frames of the asset as opposed to the entire page of assets. The former results in substantially better performance for sites using Adobe InCopy across a WAN. Unfortunately, this feature is not yet supported in the BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InCopy and Adobe InDesign, but it will be soon.

Bug Fixes:

A user, in the Assignment Tool, could specify a depth of inches using something like 9" but the double-prime " symbol would not parse correctly and now the asset couldn't be brought onto an Adobe InDesign page or Adobe InCopy window. Several things have been changed including that you can no longer type a " or ' character. In addition, when saving legacy assets with those symbols, they will be removed.

If an asset in Adobe InDesign is sent to Page Tracker for Live e-Edition Segmenting has more than one Parent asset, only the last parent asset was being sent to Page Tracker, even if that parent wasn't on the active page. This caused some weird issues in Live e-Editions that have now been fixed.

Both the Assignment Tool and Editorial Assets allowed assets to be assigned to pages without sections. This resulted in section-less pages being built in Page Tracker as well as Adobe InDesign not being able to find those assets. The interface has been changed so that a user trying to add only a page number without a section letter will not be able to add the page assignment.

The Publications tab of the Page Creation Settings dialog found at Desktop > Settings > InDesign > Page creation settings didn't scroll. Sites with LOTS of publications could not see all of them. This has been fixed and scrolling is now possible.

The parsing of Page Content Types in Live e-Editions uses an underscore _ as a special character. Unfortunately, users could type Content Types in the Page Creation Settings dialog with underscores. While they can still add them with the underscores, they are removed when sending the content type to Live E-editions. Thus, we recommend that sites using underscores in Page Content Types change them in all locations to remove the underscores. The BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign automatically does that within Adobe InDesign, but means that they will look different in the Desktop > Settings > InDesign > Page creation settings user interface.

When using the Page View in Page Tracker, there had been a minor bug that caused the 'Add asset' button to disable itself with clicking and unclicking of assigned or placed assets. This has been corrected.

When creating a new page, Page Tracker was creating 3 revisions when it should have only created two (one for the page and one for the relationship to its edition). This has been fixed.

The code to export NITF XML from Page Tracker via an Adobe InDesign output preference was broke starting with version 1.8.0. This has been fixed.

BLOX Total CMS Client for Adobe InCopy and Adobe InDesign version 5.32.31-4

Release notes for version 5.32.31-4 of the BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InCopy and Adobe InDesign are located here.

Below is a table of Appliance OS releases and the Clients that are included.

Most recent Appliance OS Updates include a fully QA tested version of the BLOX Total CMS client for Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy. To use this, set the Windows Shortcut or MacOS Alias to point to the ActiveVersion symbolic link file in the tcms_indesign_client share on the appliance. Once done, each time an Appliance OS Update includes a client, the users will automatically get it.