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The InDesign Integration is done with a BLOX Total CMS Menu that is added to the InDesign Menu within the application.  It is built with a custom build of various scripts that make up the Menu specific to your site's needs.  The version of InDesign you are working with also is a factor in what can be used to build out the menu.  This TCMS Menu interfaces from InDesign to BLOX Total CMS Admin, both Appliance and Hosted environments.

InDesign Settings is where you set up the Path ConfigurationsRulesets, and other Preferences based on your specific setup and configuration.  Once these are set during the install process, you likely won't ever need to touch them again unless there is a server upgrade for example.

Assignments work with Page Tracker and Work Flows.  The Assignment application is a tool for an Editor to create a task (Assignment) and list elements (instructions) on how they want the Assignment done.  It also lists all the Related Child assets as well.